Post Practice Video - Aaron Fuller

Washington sophomore wideout Aaron Fuller talks spring ball and his transition from high school to college...

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On the difference between this spring and when he first showed up in the fall of last year “In there now, I know pretty much every play so it’s more just like improving my game rather than learning the offense and all that kind of stuff. It’s not too bad.”

On the defensive backs that you go against in practice “The DBs we have now, they’re not as experienced, but they’re still solid. Byron Murphy, he’s one of the more patient, stronger DBs, so he kind of pushes me the most. Him and Myles Bryant. Myles Bryant in the slot. He has good footwork and all that kind of stuff.”

Where are you lining up? “Now they have me playing all over. It’s more just wherever they plug me in.”

*Question was inaudible* “Definitely. Everybody is out there trying to compete, trying to hit, show their stuff off, show their skill set, all that stuff. Everybody is over there, every turnover, every catch, every touchdown, everybody’s getting into it.”

On Ty Jones “He has a big catch radius. He’s a big guy, so he’s going to go up there and get jump balls and that kind of stuff. He’s doing solid right now. He’s got to learn the plays, focus on some of his footwork, strength, which just comes with the game and experience. He’s doing good right now.”

What was the hardest thing for you moving from high school to college? “One of the biggest thing I had to work on was strength, the speed of the game. I remember my first catch, I turned around and there was a guy right there on me. In high school, I’m out there just cutting and doing whatever I want. You have to adjust to the speed and the strength of everybody out there.”

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