Post Practice Video - Keith Bhonapha

Husky running backs coach Keith Bhonapha talks about spring ball after two full weeks of work and what he's seen from some of the younger players who have yet to see the field...


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On spring practice so far “The big thing coming into spring practice that we wanted to make sure we focused on was just really taking care of the football ball security wise and doing a better job in pass protection, making sure our technique was pristine. As we kind of get into the break of summer and then get into fall camp, we can leave out of spring ball saying okay we have great film of us holding onto the football. We have great film of us using technique and using guys blocked. Now let’s just continue that on through the season.”

On Sean McGrew and Kamari Pleasant “Reps always helps everybody. Being that those two are guys, both redshirted last year, it’s been really good to see both of those guys getting reps, not only in the run game because we know that those guys are both talented vision wise and footwork wise, but one thing that I’m always concentrated on is the pass game and the protection piece of it. Sometimes that’s the last thing that develops for some of these young guys and being able to get some of these extra, extended reps during spring ball with Lavon (Coleman) being out. You’ve been able to see a growth practice after practice and keeping those guys confident in their technique.”

Did you always envision Sean McGrew as a true running back? “We recruited him as a running back. That’s where the meat of his playing time is going to be. I wouldn’t say I’m surprised that he’s doing pretty good in the backfield and getting a lot of reps in the backfield. He’s in my room and that’s what we want to get out of him. It’s been good.”

Did you see how great his feet were right away? “Yeah. I went to one of their championship games. Definitely the good thing about Sean is he’s really patient with his feet and as you said efficient when it comes to being able to base his feet. Once he sees a hole, he does a great job of putting his foot in the ground and getting vertical. Good vision is one thing that helps him use the leverage of his blocks to get to the second level.”

On the progression of Sean Mc Grew and Kamari Pleasant “I think both of those guys are quick feet guys and guy that - we always talk about that 10 yard box where you’re able to make guys miss. One thing I would say, Sean has kind of taken that step where you are able to see him truly use his footwork and vision to get to the next level, especially the last couple practices. I’ve bene really impressed with him with the ball in his hands. Both of those guys just need to continue to progress in the pass game when we’re talking protection and things like that. That’s going to be the thing that kind of separates them and see who truly takes the next step and gets better over the second half of spring ball.”

Is there anything that’s surprised you about either of those two? “I would say for me the pleasant surprise for both of those guys is a lot of times young guys you have to kind of spur them into the pass protection part and learning protections and things like that. Both of these guys have ben really willing to learn and take the next step there. That’s been a pleasant surprise. These guys are ready to work and they’re trying to see how fast they can get on the field to contribute and help the team.”

What’s the next step in Myles Gaskin’s development? “Protection. Always. We have to continue to take the next step with our pass protection, being physical in pass protection, being pristine in our technique. THat’s the thing that’s going to take him to the next level as a player. You don’t get that, we’re kind of just wading in the water. He needs to take the next step there and he’s working on it.”

How would you characterize Myles Gaskin as a leader? “He’s definitely a lead by example guy. He never complains about anything. He comes out here and works as hard as he can to get better and always accepts coaching. I think you have a guy who’s played. He’ll be a junior next year, it seems like he’s been here forever but he really hasn’t. But he’s played a lot of football. To have a guy like him that is always willing to learn and always willing to take coaching, always out here trying to get better, it’s good for the other guys to see.”

On recruiting “I think it’s an exciting time. Obviously you’re coming off of last season and we know, for us, recruiting is the lifeblood of our program. We try not to do too much resting on last year, but it’s definitely exciting for the recruits to get up here and see the difference in the program and how this place can change their life and that’s been exciting.”

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