Post Practice Video - Scott Huff

Washington offensive line coach Scott Huff is getting to know his guys and figuring out how they fit best into what he's trying to do...

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When the players scrimmage in the stadium is there more juice? “I would hope not. We’re practicing, we should be having fun. I do think there’s something to be said about the stadium. I know I get juiced up.”

What value does the line get competing against Vita Vea every day? “Iron sharpens iron. We need to go against the best and that certainly helps us out. Hopefully Vita (Via) would say that we’re helping him out too. It’s great to compete. That’s what it’s all about.”

Are you starting to get more comfortable with your offensive linemen? “Definitely getting more comfortable with them. At the end of the day they’re offensive linemen and they’re all kind of the same. That’s the beauty of it. You’re starting to see how certain guys respond to coaching this way and other guys it’s better if you approach them this way. Absolutely figuring them out and I guess, if you will, the second half of spring ball I feel like I’ve got a decent idea.”

Is this group tight off the field? “All that stuff. That’s very important. They love eating. Anything to do with food, that’s an easy no-brainer.”

Did this group get bigger this offseason? “Coach Socha, the strength coach for any position plays a big role but especially the offensive line. Especially being that he’s a former offensive linemen, we talk about where their weights are at in terms of body weight, body fat percentage and their weight room numbers. We’re very much involved. They did have a really good offseason.”

What’s the first thing you do analyzing personnel when you get a new job? “Good question. What’s coming back and what’s coming in. Trying to get a feel for any deficiencies you may have, what are your strong points. You never totally know until you get out there and actually work with the guys and really form your own opinions.”

Did you dig into last year’s film? “I think there’s a lot of value in last year’s film. You can see the same things show up. You can certainly use last year’s film.”

Do you ever move guys like Kaleb McGary or Trey Adams around just to get them experience at other positions? “Right now we haven’t, but we certainly would like to down the road. Andrew Kirkland is a guy that’s played every position other than center and he’s just an example. You want to move those guys around. You do. Trey (Adams) and Kaleb (MCGary), we’re a little thin at tackle, so we haven’t had some of those freedoms, the freedom to try them out at different positions.”

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