Post Practice Video - Jonathan Smith

UW offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith talks about the progress of the offense this spring...

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On Friday and Saturday practice last week “We liked it. It was some good back and forth on Friday and Saturday. We actually did a couple of live pops on Saturday which was good to see some of these young backs run when they were getting tackled. I think progress is getting made and we like where we’re at. We have a long ways to go still.”

On the tight ends “We’re asking a lot of those guys in the run game and the pass game. We do feel like we have a deep group with (Drew) Sample, Will Dissly, and David Ajamu and these young guys coming along and we add an addition in August too. We’re happy with that group. We feel like we can do a lot things with them, especially in the run game. They should be a force for us.”

Is there an energy push when you scrimmage live in the stadium? “I think guys like it. We go over to the east field, there’s a little more space, but we ended with some clutch so the clock is on and we tried to make it as realistic as possible. Obviously that’s where we are playing our games, guys get a little more juiced.”

On Jake Browning’s progress “Working steady, giving him more and more. I think he’s throwing it pretty well. He could probably go out and take some team reps at this point but we’re not rushing anything. He threw it pretty good in seven on seven and throwing routes in there and one on ones. The ball is looking good coming off his hand.”

On KJ Carta-Samuels working on his deep ball “I think he’s always thrown a pretty good deep ball and (Dante) Pettis made some big plays down the field. He had a couple of them today that he turned it over really nice. It’s coming along.”

What are the restrictions for Jake Browning? “He’s out there throwing. There’s no restrictions. He’s taking what the defense is giving him. First rep was underneath. Next one they gave us a shot going down the field.”

Is it nice to see him throw? “It’s nice to have him out there. There’s no doubt. It makes you feel good when he’s got the ball in his hands. He’s always been that way. What the defense is giving you, he’s going after it and he’s looked good.”

Is Jake Browning becoming like another coach out there? “He is with the younger guys. He’s in Ty Jones’ hip pocket after plays. He’s trying to help that progression. He’s helping out with the QBs too and what he sees and what they saw. He knows it really well. He’s taking it for his own mental reps, but he’s helping out a ton.”

What were some things Jake Browning worked on this offseason? “I think the more we felt great with him the second year changing plays at the line of scrimmage. That continued to expand. It really comes down to keeping his body right. It’s a long season, taking a lot of shots, so he’s keeping his body right. Getting his arm fixed first, and then it’s a big focus on getting his body ready to go and take the wear and tear come August.”

Is this a big summer for Jake Browning? “It’s a point of emphasis like it is always. Yeah, like you said, he’s had a couple years to play. He could always improve on a lot of things and he needs to, but he has to have his body right after this summer.”

What are you seeing from the offensive line? “They’ve done some good things. That group is getting rotated up front with the ones. Trey (Adams) is having a good camp, Coleman Shelton is playing really well, Nick Harris has put on a little weight and playing steady and good. We like some of these young guys to come along. Jared Hilbers is getting a lot of reps. Those guys have to take the next step for sure. That really gets shown up in the live periods when they can really come off the ball and it’s full go and they did some of that on Saturday.”

What are you seeing from Sean McGrew and Kamari Pleasant? “Those guys have run the guys really well. Kamari (Pleasant) and Sean (McGrew) have really shown some good things. We like where they’re headed. It’s bene a great spring for them because of Lavon (Coleman) missing a bit and limiting Myles (Gaskin) to an extent. There are a lot of turns given to Sean and Kamari and they’re doing a good job of it.”

Do you see different skill sets in those two backs? “They are. They have a couple different skill sets but they both can run the ball, which you need to do. Sean is elusive, a little bit shifty. Kamari can be physical, catches the ball really well. Sean does too. They’re a good one-two punch.”

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