Post Practice Video - Kaleb McGary

Washington junior offensive lineman Kaleb McGary discusses spring football and what he loves to do when he's not on the gridiron...

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Have you gone hunting with Trey Adams before? “With Trey (Adams), no. That might be a good thing. Not yet. We’re working on it though.”

On bear hunting “I haven’t been bear hunting for a while, but I go after coyotes and stuff, like bobcats, cougars. Cougars are fun. They like to try and eat you.”

What was the last thing you hunted? “Coyotes actually. I went coyote hunting.”

What else have you hunted? “I got out for deer during our bye week. Got out for deer I think. For a while, nothing. I’m busy playing football.”

What’s the strangest thing you’ve hunted? “Vole hunting. A vole is a little field rat that is fat and like six inches long and the tail is like this long. The farm I used to have where I used to live we had a field that had thousands of them and when we’d cut the hay every year you could see them just freaking out everywhere, so me and my buddy down there would get the tractor out and someone would sit on the back with a riffle and the driver would have a revolver on and we’d just sit there shooting at them. Many a vole met his end to us.”

What are your goals in spring? “Myself personally, just the same old same old. I just want to get better at my job. The better I am at my job, the easier the quarterback and tailbacks life is, the easier it is on the guard and tight end and the better they can be at their jobs. The less they have to worry about me, the better they can get. Team-wise, really the same. Just improve, get better. Trying to build off of what we had last year, start over from scratch, and mvoe forward.”

On getting close with coach Huff “We’re working on it. That’s still a little bit of new coaching stuff. I foresee a very positive relationship. I think we’re all really, really liking him. We’re all starting to try and bond with him and stuff. I foresee a very positive relationship.”

How is he different than coach Strausser? “Just different coaching styles. He’s very loud and very upbeat, very funny, very comical in stuff. He’ll critique then crack a joke, then critique you five more times and crack another joke or something. Previously it was a really calm kind of methodical coaching and kind of teaching stuff. It’s just different.”

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