Post Practice Video - Dante Pettis

Washington senior wideout Dante Pettis talks spring ball and how the receiver group is coming along...

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Was there more pressure with your dad watching you practice? “No, not really. It’s fun. You always want to perform in front of your parents. It’s fun to have himm out there.”

Did your dad play any football? “He played football for a few years in high school. I don’t know how good he was. He said he was a free safety and used to hit people. He was probably like 160 pounds so I don’t know how hard he actually hit.”

On the first two weeks of practice “It’s been good. It’s always good to come back out and finally get real practices. It’s funny, there’s always a lot of stuff you have to work on. It really kind of exposes you to what you need to get better at for fall camp.”

Are you ready for defensive coordinators to game plan against you? “Yeah. It’s a new, different challenge. But we’ve got a good team. We have a lot of different guys that can do some stuff. Not too worried about it.”

On Jake Browning throwing a little “Finally back out there. It was weird. I saw him today in seven on seven and was like ‘Jake, you’re here finally?’ I was giving him a hard time.”

How much more school do you have left? “I’ve got including this three more quarters. I’ll be able to take a quarter off to train and stuff and come back and finish school and be able to graduate next spring.”

How hard is it to juggle everything? “You get used to it. At the beginning it’s kind of hard because you’re just not used to it. It’s a lot different from high school. You’re kind of on your own and stuff. Once you get used to it, you have academic advisors, tutors, everything, everyone is on top of you so you get used to it and it’s not too bad.”

What’s your degree? “Creative writing. English with an emphasis in writing.”

What do you want to do after football? “Honestly, we’ll see what doors open up. I’m trying to do physical therapy once I’m done with football, try to go back to physical therapy school. Biology was a little too hard to major in here, so I just decided to do something that I enjoy doing, which is writing.”

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