Post Practice Video - Jaylen Johnson

Husky junior defensive lineman Jaylen Johnson talks about spring football so far...

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On spring practice “Starting fresh, trying to get my body right, trying to just perfect my game, work on my hands, my feet, and just get better for next season.”
What is your goal in spring? “I always want to be stronger, better, faster, but in particular it’s more my hand placement, my footwork, and getting to the ball instead of just doing my assignment.”
Are you going to move around on the line or are you in one spot? “I feel like we’re all going to move around, all three positions on the defensive line. You just have to learn all three.”
What was the biggest difference that allowed you to come on strong to end the season? “I feel like the biggest difference was I was healthy. I had that little knee injury at the beginning of the season. That month I had to rest and recuperate was awesome. I just felt healthier.”
On his big game against Alabama “I feel like it was just a special night. My preparation was a little bit different than it usually was. All the respect to Alabama and their coaches, their staff, their players but I felt like our defensive line against anybodies offensive line, I feel like we have the edge.”
Does it seem like it’s your time now? “Absolutely. I feel like it’s time for me to show up or go home. I’m putting it all on the line now.”
How important are the final weeks of spring? “Our coach said that this is the beginning of the season. We’re starting working hard now, pushing ourselves to the point of exhaustion. Complete effort, get better every day.”
Does it mean anything to you when your coaches sign extensions? “It’s glad knowing that they’ll stick around for longer. Happy for them of course. I’m just glad that they got that out of the way so we can focus on football.”
How much different is the locker room after losing last year’s seniors? “I feel like it’s fun now because we get to see who’s going to step up. Those were great players and we have big shoes to fill. It’s exciting to see who’s coming up, who’s making plays, who’s trying to fill those roles right now so they can eventually grow into them.”

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