Post Practice Video - Ezekiel Turner

Washington senior safety Ezekiel Turner discusses spring football through week three...

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How are these corners different than last years? “We have a lot of good corners, great in the testing area. They built up their technique from watching Kevin (King) and Sidney (Jones). It’s definitely a bunch of young guys out there doing great.”
What did you learn from those guys that you can take to the field this year? “Everything, just flying around, playing the ball, reading the quarterback. A lot of stuff.”
What are the goals for this team now? “We’re trying to get back to where we were. Get to a national championship, win the PAC-12, all of that. Same. Shoot as high as we possibly can.”
What pride do you feel in being part of the group that brought Husky football back to prominence? “It just all comes back to the great coaches we have. We have a lot of great coaches that coach us up really well. Just the way we practice, the deliberate practice we have. It all just translates to the field.”
What are you working on this spring to make yourself better? “Just honing in, locking into  my details, assignments, where I have to be, where I have to line up, trying to make everyone else around me better too. It’s all a team effort.”
Are you being asked to do more vocally? Do you have a different role now? “It’s same old, just playing my position, building up the other guys around me, it’s pretty much similar.”
On the offense “There are a lot of different guys working in on offense. A lot of new faces like Kamari Pleasant, Sean McGrew, Daniel Bridge-Gadd. It’s just good seeing a lot of new guys on the offensive side taking their next step.”
On special teams “We definitely take a lot of pride in special teams, going down there, laying the boom. Special teams is nowhere to take a step back. We take a lot of pride in special teams. It’s definitely huge.”
How does the physicality of special teams translate to defense? “Special teams is another opportunity to be on the field, another opportunity to get to hit the other team. It definitely translates from being on defense and special teams.”
How unique is the physicality of the safety group at UW? “We definitely have a bunch of guys back there that can hit, come down and bring the pain. That’s what we preach, just always being physical as we can.”

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