Post Practice Video - Bob Gregory

Husky linebackers coach Bob Gregory talks about spring football up to this point...

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Why did the coaches have to run at the end? “(Tristan Vizcaino) made the field goal. If he made the field goal, we had to run. He made it, so we had to run. If they missed they would have had to run.”
Was that a little extra spice to the end of practice? “That was coach Petersen. That was on him. That was a little extra spice.”
On the team period to end practice “Good way to finish it. We came up in the goal line area when we needed it. It was good.”
Was it always the plan to have Azeem Victor available the full spring? “It was kind of up to the trainers, kind of just his progress. Early on we really didn’t know in terms or recovery and all that, but recovery has gone great. He’s healing. He’s at full speed and he looks good this spring.”
Is there any development in the tandem of Azeem Victor and Keishawn Bierria? “I think just the experience part of it, when those guys have played so much football, I think especially Keishawn (Bierria); he’s been playing at really a different level right now. Stuff comes naturally to them. They don’t have to think as much. I think that’s what you get out of fifth year seniors, there’s no doubt.”
On Sean Constantine “A blue collar guy. Awesome guy to have in our room. Knows his stuff. Obviously a guy that got hurt last year also. It’s good to have him back out for his senior year.”
Is there something Sean Constantine has done to help elevate his game for his final year? “I think it’s, like you said, the experience and just that overall8 knowledge. This guy has been here and he’s played a lot of football for us. I don’t know if he’s quite athletically at the level of some of the other guys, but that guy is going to help us during the year at some point.”
Do you see Camilo Eifler and Brandon Wellington as a future tandem? “Yeah, however it works out. Today, they weren’t always paired up together today. I think those two have talent. I think Kyler Manu has made progress. I think our walk on linebackers Matt Preston and Jake Wambaugh have made progress, so it’s really good to see all those guys get better.”
Do you plan to get Byron Murphy looks as a punt returner? “I think (Byron) Murphy is definitely part of the plan. We certainly need to have three guys ready to go. Dante (Pettis) is our guy. I mean, clearly, he’s a good punt returner. But we have to have guys ready to go.”
What are you seeing from the kickers and the punters? “I think our two punters we feel good about, Joel Whitford and Race Porter. I think those guys are pretty close right now. I think they’re a little bit different. Joel has a little experience, but I think Race has made a lot of progress. He doesn’t have any experience that Joel has, but he’s a really, really good athlete. I think Tristan (Vizcaino) is doing very well right now in terms of place kicking.”
On Van Soderberg “He’s kind of sidelined right now, but I think Van (Soderberg) has made progress. We just have to see him continue to grow.”
Is there a kickoff duty or another role he could see him occupy this year? "Could be. I think right now Tristan is the guy right now, but I think there’s a lot of time before we play our first game.”
How important is staff continuity? “I think we all feel good about that. I think we all like being here. I like working for the head coach, there’s no doubt.”

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