Post Practice Video - Ikaika Malloe

UW defensive line coach Ikaika Malloe talks about his players' progress through the first three weeks of spring football...

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How much does putting pads on effect physicality? “Intensity of it hopefully is still the same whether it’s pads or no pads. Having the pads on, it allows us to strike and emphasize technique. Hand placement, striking ability, disengaging, getting some contact going. Hopefully the intensity is still the same.”
On Shane Bowman “So far he’s adjusted really well. We wanted to put some weight on him, more so with muscle as opposed to bad weight. He has the ability now to move inside if need be. Now we can get three noses, as opposed to just Vita (Via) and Greg (Gaines), and then also play outside end part, the ‘four-i’ to ‘three-technique.’ He’s transitioning really well and he’s improving during spring.”
How does Vita Vea returning impact the development of younger linemen? “Absolutely and that’s the next phase for Vita. Being a leader. Being able to teach those guys on and off the field so they’re doing film studies by them selves and Vita should be a teacher there. Obviously somebody to look forward to, like a Ricky McCoy, and seeing himself wearing that number 50 and doing the things that Vita has done to get to this point. Both sides are getting better from him.”
What leadership qualities do you see in Vita Vea? “More the verbal part. Vita is such a lead by example. He’ll go out and run around, he has a lot of fun out there. But inside being a teacher of the game, teaching the technique, learning how to correct mistakes on and off the field. On the field I expect him to correct them as the practices are going on. For him, that’s something that’s something that’s a new step for them.”
On expectations for Jaylen Johnson “No question, high expectations for Jaylen (Johnson). He’s really the carrier from Alabama to now, getting better in terms of technique, having a leadership roll now. Jaylen (Johnson) has taken that next step, not only getting better in terms what he’s doing on the field, but off the field he’s out there trying to get the Ricky McCoy’s and the Jared Sulu’s coming along. Improvement in terms of just pure maturity on Jaylen’s part.”
What did you see out of Jaylen Johnson against Alabama? “Violence. The violence with his hands, his technique, his understanding of the game. We had a lot of time to prepare for it. Although we were preparing for an opponent, he was able to continue to develop skill, probably the time that he didn’t have during the year because of injury. Now that he got healthy and what not he could really focus on just his technique and I think it paid off for him against Alabama.”

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