Post Game Video - Jimmy Lake

Washington secondary coach Jimmy Lake talks about spring ball through week number three...

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On the contract extension “That happened a little while ago. Just fortunate to be coaching with Chris Petersen, the best head coach in the country, and being a part of the University of Washington, a tremendous university. Living in an awesome city like Seattle. Working for an athletic director like Jen Cohen. We have a great coaching staff. We’re recruiting awesome kids into this university. It’s just a pleasure to coach these guys and be with these co-workers I’m with.”

How important is staff continuity? “It’s so important, so important. We know each other. We know each other’s ins and outs of what he’s going to say and when he’s going to say it. Especially defensively with coach Kwiatkowski and Bob Gregory and now coach Malloe. We’re all on the same page coverage wise, blitz wise, install wise. It makes it very, very fluid.”

On job stability at UW “There’s stability but I’ve been through this where we still have to grind and work hard no matter what. It’s never time to relax. We’re in here to win championships and so every single month every single day we’re trying to recruit great kids here, coach these guys up, become better coaches ourselves so we can reach this university to new heights.”

How often do you boat to practice? “In the summer time usually when it’s a little more relaxed, summer camp, when it’s hyped up like this we don’t do that. Normally in the summer time, June, July, that’s normally when that happens.”

Do kids want to know when you’re recruiting that there is solidity in the coaching staff? “I think so. I think that’s a part of it. I see some guys that more go for the university and what that’s all about. For sure. I think with Chris Petersen, who I believe doesn’t have any NFL aspirations, this is what he loves to do. He loves to groom young men, build them for life. I think that’s awesome for a young guy to look at the University of Washington and say you know what, Chris Petersen is going to be there for a long time. I think that does help in recruiting a ton.”

Was that Byron Murphy’s sixth interception of the spring today? “That was. Byron (Murphy), he’s leading us right now and he’s having an impressive spring football. The guys are going to have to make some plays here to catch him right now. I think Myles Bryant I believe has three. I’ll have to check with that but I’m pretty sure he has three right now, that’s the closest. Then we have a bunch of guys with two and one. You never know. We could have a multiple interception day. Someone could get two or three together in a day. Byron better not relax.”

How much has Byron Murphy improved over his redshirt year? “He’s gotten better. He better have gotten better. Everybody needs to get better. Every single day everybody needs to get better. Byron is a better player right now that he was when he stepped foot on campus for sure.”

On the development of the group this spring “I’ve been very pleased. We have a long way to go though. A ton of completion. We have three more guys coming in for training camp. It’s going to be a competitive, competitive camp at all positions. Nothing is solidified anywhere. We know we have some guys that have played some football. They may have a leg up but it doesn’t matter. No one knew at this time Taylor Rapp was going to start this time a year ago and he ended up becoming the freshman PAC-12 all-conference player of the year. You never know. You never know what’s going to happen.”

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