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The mood was certainly more upbeat Monday after a win, as it should be. But when asked about improvement from week one to week two, the phrase Husky players could have all used was 'cautious optimism'. The subjects ranged from 'camp legs' to defensive line coach Randy Hart. And here are their answers.

Greg Carothers:
On camp legs: "I think we played fairly quick. The camp legs will be an issue. You have that extra week because of the new rules. That's going to kind of wear on you, but I don't think it was that bad. I don't think it was that big of an issue."

On healing during the bye week: "I think if they take care of themselves...a lot of it has to do with how well you take care of yourself, how much treatment you get and things like that. This week is definitely a good opportunity for them to do that."

On possible position move: "I'm sure there are going to be some adjustments. We've got some playmakers in that group. Scott White has found himself in a lot of plays when he gets in there, so I'm sure they'll try and mix him in there somewhere. You never know. We'll see what they do with me. I'm open to doing whatever. If it means another position switch, than that's what happens."

On playing in the middle: "I really don't think it would be a problem. I can pick up on a scheme pretty fast. I understand the schemes that we've got going now."

On being comfortable now at linebacker: "I don't think there are things that catch me off-guard. I think sometimes I try and do too much. And that's my problem. I'm used to safety, where you have to do a lot, wheras the things I have to do now are confined to such a small space that I try to do too much and that gets me in trouble."

On improving from week one to week two: "I definitely think we did some things. Indiana's a good team, they play hard. They have a good scheme and definitely tricked us with some of the things they did. But you see the outcome, so I think there's definitely some improvement."

On warm-ups with Gilby and sluggish starts: "It's a little different. We switched up a little bit. We don't spend as much time out there. That's the difference between Coach Gilbertson and Coach Neuheisel. Coach Gilbertson is more to the point. He doesn't like to spend a lot of time out there. We don't get to the stadium as early. It's different, but I think it's good. I definitely don't think we got as excited as we should have been. I think we came out and kind of felt our way around, which we shouldn't have. That was a problem for us, but for the most part I think everyone is excited to be home again."

On what he can do as a captain to build excitement: "I think we just have to take advantage of the deal Coach Gilbertson is giving us, spending less time out there. You go out and make sure you get a good sweat, get warmed up, but we need to take advantage of it and understand the reasons for doing it and how we can use it to our advantage."

Cody Pickett:
On his tight arm: "I'm fine. It's just a strained pec (pectoral muscle). It'll be great by next weekend. It was kind of tight when I was sleeping at night. I don't know if I pulled it throwing or running or what. It was sore and it got kind of numb there for a couple of quarters, but I got it loosened up and it felt alright."

On the slot receivers: "Quintin (Daniels) has been playing well. Bobby Whithorne...Isaiah (Stanback) has been getting some reps. Whoever they put out there...they aren't going to put someone out there that can't get the job done."

On Stanback's potential at WR: "He'd be good. For a guy that hasn't played receiver at all, he came out and did some things. He's got a lot of things to learn, but the more reps he takes at it the better he'll be."

On having a bye this early: "It doesn't matter to me. It's fine. It's an extra week of practice and to try and get better. We have no control over it, so we're going to try and get healthy and come back and play hard next weekend."

On being named Pac-10 offensive POW: "Yeah, I'm surprised. I just found out. But it wasn't a great game. I threw a pick in the first half that was probably the worst interception I've thrown in my life. The guys got confused on their routes and I threw it anyways. I should have just run with it."

On the sluggish home games: "For the offense, we just need to get some momentum. We have to come out early and get a couple of first downs and we'll be fine. That's the biggest thing for an offense and a quarterback. You need to come out and get a couple of completions. They don't have to be big passes, just a couple of completions to get the momentum going. The first half, we had a couple of nice drives, but the others were quick three-and-outs. The second half we got some more drives going and got the momentum rolling and we were fine."

Isaiah Stanback:
On trying to get out on the field: "I told coach, 'I'm not doing anybody any good by sitting out on the sidelines.' Everybody is telling me, 'Isaiah, you need to get on the field,' and I said, 'I know, I know,' so I finally came up to coach and he told me he would get me on the field. So I went out in the slot and did some special teams. So I'm just trying to do what I can."

On splitting duties: "I'm still playing quarterback. That was the main thing in talking to coach. As long as I get my reps at quarterback during practice, I don't have a problem with helping out the team. Because during that time I'm just sitting down anyways, so when I'm taking my reps at quarterback I'll do that, and when I'm not I'll go to slot or special teams."

On how it came down: "It was Cody and I during the summertime. I would go out (to receiver) and take some reps, because the freshmen weren't here and we really only had Reggie (Williams) out there. So I would help out and Cody and I would joke around about it. It kind of faded away and then we would bring it back up and then it would fade away again. Finally we brought it up to the coaches together and they were like, 'Why didn't you say something earlier?' That was the day before we left for the Ohio State game. Cody and I brought it up and Coach Gilbertson started laughing. He said, 'We'll get it in.'"

Khalif Barnes:
On losing Rob Meadow: "I just found out today. I saw him in the locker room today and asked how his knee was and he said he tore it. It kind of surprised me because I thought he was going to be alright. He's a very strong player and we're going to have to have Tusi (Sa'au) or someone else step up in that strong guard spot to replace him. It's a difficult loss because I feel he is an important part of our line. He brings some strength and some attitude to the line. I just hope his knee gets healed correctly and we can move on with someone that can step into his place."

On going back to the veteran lineup for Indiana: "I think this rotation is a good deal by Coach (Cozzetto). We're more comfortable playing with each other. We've played together before. Before we were rotating guys, freshmen guys, guys that had played a couple of games last year. This time we've got the 5 set that's been out there the most, played together the most games, and when you have that comfort level and chemistry it helps us to be a better line. I like that better."

On week one to week two: "It takes attitude to run. You've got to get meaner, you've got to get nastier...you've got to want to do it. You can't just say you want to run and then just go out there and underperform. And when you're at home there's a comfort level there. You can hear things better, but you have to do the same things when you're on the road. But we've been called out on this run thing so much...I'm tired of it. I wake up Saturday and read the paper and I see a guy like Will Allen from Ohio State calling us out and other guys calling us out...and when you see that you have two options. You can either take that and believe what people are writing about you in the paper. Once you start believing you're that kind of player...but we didn't want to do that. We got challenged, and that's good for us. We have to come out and respond to it and I thought that the line responded well."

Graham Lasee:
On fighting for a starting position: "Me and Dan (Milsten) get along real well, but it made us both really competitive. I think that's made us both a lot better. I feel I'm working that much harder at practice because it's always on my mind. You have to always go as hard as you can so you can make an impression. And if we're both doing that, it's going to make us both better."

From week one to week two: "Well, at Ohio State, that was my first start and just that first play or two was kind of a shock. But from that moment on I didn't really hear the crowd and got pretty focused in on the game. It was just that first play where everything moves like light speed. Here, I felt a lot more confident and in tune with the game from the start. I could focus more on doing my job as a football player."

On improving the pass rush on the edges: "At Ohio State I was worried about containing the quarterback. I wasn't thinking that much about the rush. I was, but I was more worried about contain, so that took away from my pass rush goals. But against Indiana I started thinking about just getting off the ball and just getting to the quarterback and I think that helped. I started getting a little pressure on 'em, and hopefully I can build on that. It's different in the games than in practice. In the games you just want to get off as fast as you can and get to the quarterback and that's all you've got to think about. With more games it's going to come easier and easier."

On the moment when it becomes instinct: "It's starting to get to that point. I felt a lot more comfortable against Indiana and more experience will help a lot. With more games under my belt, it'll come more naturally. I'm pleased with how it's going and you can always do better. And Coach Hart will get us rolling, I'm sure."

On Randy Hart: "I like him a lot, I like his style. He's really honest. He'll tell you what you're doing and what you aren't doing. He's really frank with you. And I don't mind that at all."

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