Post Practice Video - Jordan Miller

Here's what UW cornerback Jordan Miller had to say following Day 12 of spring football....

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How can watching guys like Sidney Jones and Kevin King help you this year? “Just watching those guys, watching what the best of the best looks like. It helps a lot knowing how they shuffle or knowing how they break on the ball, knowing how the play man, how they play bump, how they play off. It just all helps seeing guys like that.”

Do you feel pressure after last years successful season? “No because in my mindset just go out and compete no matter what. No matter what the stage is. No drop off from last year. We had great DBs and just want to keep it going.”

On the spring preview “It’s going to feel good having pads on. It’s cool going out there, and thumping and playing football. We all fell in the game because of that, having pads on. It’s going to be fun playing full go.”

On playing the offense everyday? “That’s our rival right now. Every week we go in ‘okay, we’re going against Rutgers or we’re going against SC and we prepare for them.’ Right now, our rival is our offense. We go against them every practice like going against anther team. We’re scheming our own team. We’re making up our little rules to go against certain plays. It’s real cool to go against the offense like ours with a great quarterback, great receivers, great running back. It’s fun.”

On the offense making the defense better “Everyday they’re making us way better. That’s what our job is to do. Make each other better and we’re out here competing everyday.”

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