Post Practice Video - Pete Kwiatkowski

Washington defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski talks about the start of week four of Washington's spring football practices...


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On Sean Constantine “Brings great energy, and Sean (Constantine) just loves football, loves the dawgs, and loves being out there after that long stay on the IR last year.”

On the depth at inside linebacker “We feel like we have some guys. You have Keishawn (Bierria) and Azeem (Victor), then you have Brandon (Wellington) and Ben Burr-Kirven, and DJ Beavers and Camilo (Eifler) is getting a lot of reps, so he’s come along. We feel like we’ve got guys that are athletic and physcial and can do what we’re asking of them. It’s just a matter of getting the guys that haven’t played a lot as many reps as we can so if something were to happen they could go out there and do the job.”

On the edge rushers “Making progress. The guy I thought is having a really good spring, has done a good job at making big strides, is Tevis Bartlett. Myles Rice is starting to pick it up. Jusstis Warren, all those guys are getting better. Some guys it just takes a little longer for the game to slow down, so they start playing faster. That’s what it was with some of those guys. Those guys I mentioned are doing a lot better for sure.”

Does the absence of Connor O’Brien and Benning Potoa’e missing time create opportunities for other guys to get reps? “Yeah. When guys aren’t out there the other guys get more reps. The more reps, the more experience you get. You learn from your mistakes, you learn from what you do right. Start snowballing.”

Does Tevis Bartlett benefit from going against guys like Trey Adams? “Oh yeah. All those guys. For sure. You want the best of the best competing against each other because then you both get better.”

Do you take pride in developing the outside linebackers? “We’d love to have these guys come in as true freshman or redshirt freshman and be all-world four-year starters. That’s not the way it usually works. Guys have to work their way through some things to figure out how to play the game. That’s why I coach, to be able to get kids to become better.”

Are you starting to see the dominance people expected from Vita Via? “Yeah. You’re seeing strides that way. With a guy like Vita (Vea), who has so much unlimited, untapped potential, I keep pushing that guy. It should be every rep. I’m not going to stop doing that. That guy could be a really dominant if he could, which is hard to do. Every rep.”

On Vita Via “He’s played a lot of football so things are starting to slow down. He’s seeing things clearer so he’s able to react faster and be a lot more efficient in his movement. He just needs to keep working on, if he could play at a high level all the time, look out.”

Does he just need to want it more? “Yeah, it’s between the ears. We talk about being elite and that’s extremely hard to do. Extremely hard to do. That’s why we keep pushing him.”

Are you seeing that off the field? “He’s in coach Malloe’s office all the time watching film. We only have so much time in our meetings, we can’t get through all the video. Those guys are doing a good job of coming around and just finding extra time to meet with us to get through the video.”

Who are some young players that have impressed you? “Byron Murphy has done a real good job. At linebacker Camilo has made some flash plays out there. He redshirted last year. The guy that sticks out is Byron Murphy. He’s a ball hawk out there. He has real good ball skills.”

Has Ricky McCoy shown you what you need to see? “Flashes here and there. He’s got a ways to go to play at the level we want him to play at.”

How much do you have to change the scheme when you lose that much in the secondary? “That has yet to be seen. We haven’t changed anything. I think those guys are really good players and that’s college football, but we feel like we have guys that are talented and they just need the reps and the experience and the opportunity. The true experience we won’t really know until we get into the season.”

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