Post Practice Video - Azeem Victor

Washington linebacker Azeem Victor talks following day 12 of spring football...

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Are you starting to feel old yet? “Yeah. I’ve been starting to feel old about the time spring ball kicked in. I’m feeling real old.”

How heavy are you? “225 right now. At 230 I’ll be a-okay.”

Were you recovery buddies with Sean Constantine last year? “Yeah we did. I think something else was wrong with his leg, but we were both in there getting treatment at the same time while they were practicing out on the field. It was me and him. We make light jokes about it and just keep getting treatment.”

Was that important? “Just having somebody in there with you when everybody is out and practicing. Just having somebody in there. Obviously, I didn’t want him in there, but just having him in there, having somebody there made me feel comfortable.”

On being a fan when injured “Yeah, you soak it in. It was those periods where after surgery I wasn’t able to leave the house. Just watching these guys on the field, I wasn’t able to attend the Washington State game or the PAC-12 Championship. Watching that on TV, it was amazing seeing my teammates on TV and I’m at home. That was definitely an experience that I hope I don’t have to experience again, but I was their biggest cheerleader.”

On the young guys stepping up in his absence “DJ (Beavers) had a wonderful season. He was playing good even when I was there. He took it over when I left. I couldn’t ask for anything else for that. I applaud him for that. He did real good this season.”

How do you approach playing in front of fans on Saturday? “Same. This is about to be my fourth spring ball, so definitely going to soak it in as a senior and just go after it.My leg isn’t broken any more. I can’t be scared. I’m ready to go.”

Why aren’t you going at it with the offensive players as much as you did last spring? “That’s just because we’re too older guys now, so now it’s just up to the young guys to get scrappy. We had our turn.”

Are you following the mock drafts at all? “I pay attention to where these guys are going that just left, but I don’t pay attention to any of that right now. I’m all college football.”

What are you working on this spring? “I’m working on just getting fully back to normal, having a normal leg and having it feel normal and being comfortable with it. Just getting my IQ back and being better than where I came back from.”

What’s the difference in the team after losing last year’s guys? “It’s the same thing. Even before I was even playing and we lost Shaq (Thompson) and (John) Timu. Young guys have to step up. You never know what it’s going to be until the season comes, but I believe in them. I believe in our young guys. So much talent, I don’t see why.”

What are you putting on yourself now? “Just trying to be a leader. Be as much of a leader as I can in any aspect. That’s my biggest job this year.”

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