Post Practice Video - Sean Constantine

UW senior LB Sean Constantine talks about the progress of the team as week four of spring football gets underway...

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How did you stay engaged while injured? “That’s a good question. Kasen Williams, I think we all remember him, I remember he got a pretty bad injury in the Cal game my freshman year. Just kind of his positivity towards the game and that kind of stuff and Deontae Cooper is another one. Just watching him, he had three ACL surgeries. Seeing those people, then I had my ankle break, I mean what is it? You just have to keep getting better. You have to stay positive. Negativity is going to ruin you. That’s what I did, or at least I tried to.”

Did you sort of coach younger players? “I mean I tried. I tried positivity and that kind of stuff. As much as I knew I tried to give it to them. I think it was kind of a group effort. They came in and they were prepared to take over, just like coach Gregory instills in us. Someone falls, the other person has to rise. I just think throughout that whole process they did a great job.”

Were you recovery buddies with Azeem Victor? “You could see we saw eye to eye at one point. It was like ‘hey, I’ve been here. It’s time to recover. It’s time to hang out. Let’s watch some film.’ It’s the road to recovery. You could say we got close.”

Is this a hungry group of young linebackers? “I would say that’s pretty accurate. A lot of young guys. A lot of guys that haven’t had a lot of reps that will be coming into light this year. We have some older guys as well. I think it’s a good balance in the room, just older guys compared to younger guys. We’re hungry, man. I think we have something to prove, especially our group, our unit. I’m excited to see the future and how it goes.”

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