Post Practice Video - Bob Gregory

UW linebackers coach Bob Gregory talks about the leadership of his experienced players and what it means to have Sean Constantine back in the fold...

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On Sean Constantine “He’s a really smart player. Hopefully he’ll be in the rotation. Hopefully he’s helping us in special teams. He’s one of the tougher guys out here. He’s been through a lot of adversity. I think he’s going to have a good senior year.”

Does he look like he’s back to where he was before the injury or is he knocking rust off still? “A little bit of both. That’s a long time he hasn’t played football. The good thing he has going for him is that he’s a really smart kid and he knows the defense. He kind of has to still get back into that football-type shape.”

Do the veterans help the younger guys along? “Yeah. Especially Keishawn (Bierria). I think he’s really taken a step in terms of all of his leadership. He’s playing at a really fast level. He’s playing at another level being a fifth-year. I think just the way he practices, that’s going to run off on the other guys, older guys and younger guys.”

On the improvement of Azeem Victor and Keishawn Bierria “I think you said it. Those guys continue to improve, they’re getting better all the time. I think that’s the deal. When you get guys that have been here for a while, fourth-year seniors, fifth year seniors, sometimes those guys get into a little bit of a cruise mode like ‘oh, I know it all’ - these guys are not taking that approach. They’re trying to get better every single day. Those guys are showing it, especially through spring ball.”

How important were the roles for Azeem Victor and Sean Constantine while the were recovering? “They were not totally in meetings all the time. I think it’s a little bit hard on those guys to sit in meetings when they are done for the season. Those guys would take that opportunity to get treatment and rehab and that type of thing. Those guys were not in our meetings if that’s kind of what you’re asking in terms of staying engaged. They were with the team and all that kind of stuff but in terms of being engaged in meetings, we excused those guys from meetings when they have a season ending injury.”

Did they offer advice to younger guys that were filling in? “I think what it is is being present when they’re supposed to be present. So in the weight room when those guys were lifting and working out, those guys are still getting after it on the sideline during games, out here at practice, all that. They certainly took part in all the activities they could be a part of.”

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