Post Practice Video - Jake Browning

Washington QB Jake Browning talks about the game slowing down for him and how hard it was not to "cut it loose" in practice earlier...

Does spring feel more normal now that you’re ramping up your work load? “I think it feels good to be back. Back in the full swing of things. Makes you appreciate it more when you have to sit on the sideline and watch. Just feels good to be back with everybody and taking a bunch of reps now and just trying to get back to where I was and all that.”
How is the rehab schedule? “It’s going exactly how it’s supposed to go. I was supposed to be just barely throwing at the end of spring ball and by the end be going full go, which is where I’m at. It feels good, feels exactly how it’s supposed to, and it’s been going exactly how it’s supposed to. Our training staff does a good job. Coach Petersen, coach Smith, they’ve been on top of it, I’ve been on top of it. It’s been going how it’s supposed to go. Probably could have gone even a little sooner but you want to take those things slow and not rush it.”
What’s the next step in your game? “I think there are a couple different things, but I think the main thing right now is I’m pain-free throwing, but I still need to get my strength back and all that. It’s like a guy that runs sprints. You can’t take three months off from running sprints and just get right back into running without having to work through some kinks and stuff like that. That’s where I’m at right now and just getting my body used to a high volume of throws. Like I said, it’s going how it’s supposed to, happy to be back out there. It sucks watching. I’m pretty happy with where it’s at.”

How much have things slowed down for you since you got here? “I’m in some hard classes and stuff like that. I think the older you get the harder it gets. Continue to challenge yourself like you’re a freshman. The longer you’re here, the more it is if you want to get that one-percent better it takes that much more effort because you’ve been here for so long. You have to fight the routine and proactively find stuff you need to get better at.” Top Stories