Post Practice Video - Jordan Paopao

Husky tight ends coach Jordan Paopao talks about the impressive depth at the tight end position...

How many tight ends are they going to let you have? “I’ll take as many as coach Petersen let’s me sign quite honestly. I think that makes us something unique. It’s something where we get into two tight end sets and three tight end sets and that’s something defensively that you really have to adjust to. That makes us unique and have to game plan for. I’ll take as many as I can get.”
Catch numbers don’t mean a lot for production in your opinion, right? “No. Just talking in terms of receptions, I’m never going to base it off of that one. When our time is called and we make key catches on third down, that’s the hidden yardage of football and that’s what’s important. For us, whatever play is called, whether it’s run blocking, pass protection, catching the football down the field, we’re always going to make sure we execute. We just want the offense to succeed and at the end of the day do our job really, really well so we get a W.”
On the versatility of tight ends “I do think that tight end is a truly unique position just in the sense of you have to know really blocking combinations. You have to know the run game, you have to know pass protection, but at the end of the day you also have to be a receiver. You have to know concepts, you have to know coverages. I think it’s one of the top two toughest positions to play because we ask those guys to do everything. You can’t just be really good at run blocking and not so good in pass protection and catching the football. You have to be an all around football player. When we get into our heavy sets and we have the ability to do some things where they’re out wide I think it keeps the defense on their toes.”
On Will Dissly “I think what Will (Dissly) does naturally well is he attacked, especially in run blocking. I think that’s what stands out on tape and that’s what he does extremely well. HE’s a bigger body, he’s about 270 pounds. Having him at the point of attack on runs I think is a phenomenal advantage for us. What I think is cool about Will is he has sneaky soft hands. His ability to turn short dump passes into long games is really, really good for a man that size.”
On David Ajamu “I think Dave (David Ajamu) has been a unique grinder. In the past, it had kind of been unfortunate. He got dinged up here, dinged up there and hasn’t been able to truly put together a full season, but I think what’s been unique about Dave is he gives me another third tight end with a bunch of big time reps and experience. As a fifth year senior, you really like to have that kind of leadership guide the room and mold the room, especially for the younger guys.”
On Drew Sample “I think Drew Sample is honestly one of the smartest football players that I think I’ve ever been around just in terms of his knowledge of the game. Whenever we install something, you don’t have to tell him more than once. I alos think what’s unique about Drew is just his work ethic in the weight room, in the film room, everything about it is just pushing his game to the next level. We had a statistic where he’s caught a bunch of different balls. Really taking his game and elevating it in terms of catching passes. I think he’s going to be steady-Eddie just in terms of assignment sound and executing at run blocking and pass protection.”
On Jacob Kizer “I think Jacob Kizer is just unique in the sense that he’s so big for essentially a true freshman. This kid is already 6’5, probably about 245 pounds as a true freshman. But what I think makes Jake (Jacob Kizer) unique is his ability, a lot like Drew, he just understands the game of football. He blocks well. He just needs a couple more years in the weight room to truly gain some natural strength to really execute at a high level. I’m extremely excited and his ability to grasp the offense at an early age is probably one of the best hat I’ve seen since Drew Sample as a freshman.”
On Hunter Bryant “We’re excited to get him here. It will be interesting to see how much Hinter (Bryant) can truly retain in terms of information. I don’t care who you are - you’re a five-star recruit or a two-star recruit - the game of college football moves faster. People are bigger, people are stronger. We’ll see how he works once we get him here in pads. I do think looking at him, he’s put himself at a good position to try to get playing time early.”

Can you use Hunter Bryant different than others? “I think him and Drew, I see them truly as guys that you could split out and cause a unique mismatch. Again, it’s going to be based on how much information he can handle to be able to put him in a specialized situation like that out in space.” Top Stories