Post Practice Video - Jonathan Smith

UW offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith discusses the progress the offense has made since the start of spring football...

On Brayden Lenius “Brayden (Lenius) had a good day today, making some plays on contested balls. He’s progressed. Missed some time and all that. We’re happy with how he played today. Brayden is a target. He has a catching radius to him that you can put the ball up in his vicinity and he can come down with it. We need to continue to see that out of him.”
What does Brayden Lenius’ height bring to the slot position? “Again, go to the target for those inside breaking routes or anything interior. Also a lot of times they have to match up on a linebacker in the run game blocking. He has the skills to do that. He’s played both inside and out. We’re asking a lot of the guys to play inside and out just so they get their feet wet and come fall we’ll be more specific.”
What have you seen from Jake Browning? “He’s looked good. We had a progression of how we wanted to get toward the end of spring ball and letting him go at that point. He’s had a couple of good days of work. We like where he’s at. It’s been great to have these other guys getting some turns too when he wasn’t taking as many reps. K.J. (Carta-Samuels), and Tony (Rodriguez), Daniel (Bridge-Gadd), and Blake (Gregory). It all filters down to those guys.”
How have those quarterbacks progressed? “They have. They have progressed and made some good things. Some of them are just learning examples. There are definitely mistakes being made. Those guys need the chance to go out and experience that to learn from it, so they’ve gotten that. KJ is throwing it really well right now. Tony is pretty sharp in his decisions. Daniel has progressed really well from coming off a redshirt year to really the first opportunity for him to go out and do something. All those guys have done well this spring.”
On the team standard “We talk about standard in really our level of play, not about ‘standard is this number of wins or losses.’ It’s just our standard of play and how we get to that standard is how we work and prepare for it. Every year is new. This is a new team. We have a lot of returning players but this is all brand new. We were back to square one at the start of spring ball and we have to put that same type of work, deliberate practice into it to repeat the standard or take that standard to the next step.”

How can you replicate last year’s standard? “We did lose some pieces, that’s why I go back to every year is new. We can’t be exactly the same we were last year because some of the pieces were different. We look and some of the things we did really well we’ll obviously want to continue. Some of the things we either cleaned it up and made it better or do something else. We’re always looking at that. Again, we look at personnel and what’s coming back and what suits those guys the best. Maybe we need a couple of new schemes. We’ve expiremented with that in the spring.” Top Stories