Post Practice Video - Keishawn Bierria

Washington linebacker Keishawn Bierria talks about the progress of the team since the start of spring...

On his leadership “Definitely going to be pulling a lot of guys to the side like ‘we need to go get this extra footwork, we need to go hit these extra hills.’ Me, I’m almost ready to graduate. I’m definitely going to be dragging those guys. Whenever I see they have free time, ‘let’s go watch this extra film.’ It’s all building to the season now.”

On losing a lot of players in the secondary “We just reload. We reload. You definitely can’t replace those type of players, some of those dudes mentally are on a different level. But absolutely, we just reload. We have guys coming in. They’ll learn the defense. As soon as they pick it up, you never know. You might see another Budda Baker out there.”

Do you take on a leadership role? “Absolutely. That’s definitely a roll I have to stay conscious to. These guys are young men coming into college and doing football year round is pretty heavy. A lot of guys don’t do that. Usually guys just focus on when football is over just getting relax time. But now, that’s not the case when you get to college. Everyday you have something to do. Even if oyu aren’t working out. You have to watch film. You have to work out. I’m just there to remind guys, bring them along if they aren’t really getting it. That’s just my job as an older dude on the team, just make sure that my guys are getting it. They’re not just off to the side being by themselves.”

Are you happy or sad your final spring is done? “I am happy. I’m not going to lie. We were out there in the rain for a few weeks. You get a little cold out there. It’s a little bit of both.”

Did you have fun today? “Absolutely had fun. I didn’t get to play much, but I for sure cheered my guys on. They made a lot of good plays out there today.”

How important was the summer for you last year? “This point last year, I think the competitive side of everything we were doing was insane. As far as conditioning and lifting, guys were pushing each other every rep, every play. Going into every workout, it was that mental toughness like ‘we have to beat this workout. We can’t let it slow us down.’ That really was what we were going there at this time. Mentally, we were trying to dominate everything we did. Now it’s the same thing. As far as that, the competitive side has got to be there. That’s one thing we’re going to focus on throughout this offseason.”

How does it feel right now compared to a year ago? “Through all the adversity we experienced, losing guys, guys coming back, losing guys to the draft, guys leaving early, I feel like we’re at the same point we were when I came in as a redshirt freshman or freshman. We have guys here. We have older guys on the team. I’m an older guy on the team. Honestly, it doesn’t feel any different. It almost feels like we have the same time. Guys leave, guys go. We’re just here to impact the program.”

How important was it this spring to get Azeem Victor back healthy? “That’s my boy. I always want him back with me regardless. I knew for sure he was going to be back. Coming off that injury, I knew that injury wasn’t going to slow him down. Everybody was calling me ‘how’s your boy? How’s your boy?’ My boy’s good. He’s just kind of pissed off he got hurt, but he’s going to be more than hungry to be back.”

On the depth at inside linebacker “Camilo (Eifler), Brandon Wellington, Ben (Burr-Kirven), Sean (Constantine) Jake (Wambaugh), Matt (Preston), we’re pretty deep. We’re pretty deep. That inside linebacker spot, we’re going to be reloading. I know a lot of people didn’t pay attention that we rotated a lot last year. That’s just something we do here at Washington because we know that the second group that’s going to come in is going to push that intensity. Come with more heat, come with more fire. That first group is going to come back in and do the same thing. Now, building that third, fourth group up is  key, because now I don’t have to start on special teams as much. Now the third or fourth guys can start on special teams and it’s the same thing. It’s like I never left.” Top Stories