Post Practice Video - Tevis Bartlett

Husky linebacker Tevis Bartlett discusses the spring, his comfort level and helping some of the younger players figure things out.

On spring as a whole “Spring was really good for me. I think I made a lot of strides kind of building off the end of last year. I thought that I was kind of starting to figure it out and the end of last year and getting in the games a little bit more. Coming into spring ball I was trying to keep that rolling and I thought I did a pretty good job of that. We always have to keep working on what we’re doing. That’s no different for me, but I thought it was some good steps in the right direction. As far as our defense goes, I think it was a good adjustment period because obviously we have a lot of guys that aren’t here anymore and some young guys that are stepping up. I think at first it took as a couple practices to kind of get the feel for everybody. As we got going I thought we played really well together and we have to continue that into the summer and into fall camp next year and obviously be ready to go.”

Are BUCK and SAM pretty interchangeable? “Yeah. I mean obviously there are different assignments on different plays. One’s playing in the boundary which is a little different than playing to the field. In our room, that’s kind of the expectation. Once you get where coach K wants you, once you get that down then you start learning the other. That way at end of last year we were having guys playing all over the place because of injury, so yeah.”

On becoming more comfortable “Yeah, absolutely. Part of it is just when I came in, it’s a position that was totally new to me and I didn’t have a ton of reps. The idea of pass rushing was super foreign to me. Usually I was the one trying to get away from pass rushers and not the actual guy pass rushing. That was an adjustment my first year, and even then it’s not something that you just come in - at least for me - where you just come in and it’s just natural. It takes some time once you figure out how to pass rush, to apply that. Now you’re pass rushing well, but now you have to learn how to counter because you can’t run the same moves all the time. Yeah, it was just an adjustment period. Now that I’ve gotten more reps and stuff it’s starting to flow a little bit better.”

On the younger OLBs “Amandre (Williams), I thought he had a good spring. Same with Myles (Rice). Myles, because some guys in and out of the lineup, he got a lot of quality reps with the ones. I think that really benefitted him. You always talk about you play to the level of your competition, so if you’re playing up with the ones all the time, like Kaleb (McGary) and Trey (Adams) and Will Dissly and Drew Sample, I think that really helps you. We had Amandre in there a lot too. I think that was very beneficial for both of them, to be able to have those reps and be able to go against those guys. They’re building that skill and understanding of what it’s like to be up there.” Top Stories