Post Practice Video - Vita Vea

Here's what UW defensive lineman Vita Vea had to say following Washington's Spring Preview...

On spring as a whole “Yeah. It’s always good staying healthy. Our trainers do a good job of keeping us right and getting us right and our strength staff working us out, keeping us ready to go all the time. That’s been good. Finishing spring ball has been good. We’ve got a lot of improvement, but there’s still a lot more to improve. We’re just looking forward to training and fall camp coming up.”

Is it weird not having Elijah Qualls not a part of the line? “The way we run our defense, coach Malloe likes us to play with everyone. It’s a bummer that he’s gone, but we’re used to playing with everyone. I’m used to playing with Jaylen (Johnson), Greg (Gaines), Shane (Bowman), and some of the younger guys. We’re used to it. Coach Malloe does a good job of mixing it up so we have a feel of how everyone is and how we all play together.”

Who’s stepped up this fall? “I feel like everyone, they all stepped up. Out of the freshman it’s hard to tell. They’re all neck and neck. They’re all doing a great job.”

What’s up for you between now and fall camp? “In the weight room with coach Socha and their staff. Competing everyday, film study, just everything. Nutrition and everything, getting ready for fall camp so when the time comes around we’re ready.”

Are you on track compared to where you were last year? “We still have a lot of work to do. We don’t have to be January 2nd ready, but we’re spring ball ready. There’s a lot of work left to do.”

Is there a different feel this year than a year ago? “It feels more comfortable and as far as experience, I feel more comfortable out there. This is my third spring ball, so yeah.”

Have you noticed anything different playing at a different weight? “It’s weird. I actually fluctuate 10 pounds. I’ll go back and fourth. Sometimes I don’t even notice it until I step on the scale. I feel like it’s a mental thing. It’s all in your mind.” Top Stories