Post Practice Video - Kaleb McGary

Washington offensive lineman Kaleb McGary talks about the completion of spring football and getting drug out of the shower by Chris Petersen...

On playing in front of fans to wrap up spring football “It’s great. Honestly the spring game is something I look forward to every year because I love getting to interact with the fans and stuff. I love that we set time aside to really hang out with you guys and show everyone the personable side of us, not just the armor-clad individuals that run around into each other on the field all the time. It’s really great to give everyone a taste of what game day is going to be like kind of. Obviously that’s nowhere near what it really is, but it’s a little sample of the way things work. I think it’s great and I love it.”

On the commitment in the summer “Complete. It has to be total commitment. If there’s something that we’re not happy about, or myself if there’s something that I’m not happy about with the way that I played or my performance or something I need to change, then I have to commit to changing it. I have to do what I need to do or believe what I need to do to fix it. I can’t just talk about it.”

Did spring give you a sense of what this team is? “Yeah. Spring ball, I’ve always kind of seen it as coming back together because we’ve spent our time split off into our groups lifting and working out and stuff. Now spring ball we come back together to really try and see what we’ve got. I’m confident. I can’t wait. I love who it looks like we’re going to be.”

Can you sense a swagger about the team? “Absolutely. I think we know we’re good at our job. We know he’s good at his job. Combination of the two is dynamite. In my opinion, we had a great year in the last year and I wish we would have run the ball even more than we did.”

Are you lobbying to run the ball more? “Always. I’m always yelling on the sideline to run the ball.”

What are you working on between now and fall? “A lot of footwork stuff. A lot of footwork and hands. Hand placement.”

Are thoughts of the NFL creeping in your head at all? “Yes and no. That’s definitely an end-goal and there are a lot of doors that open for my long term life goals that I have if I were to make that. That’s definitely somewhere I want to get. I do keep it in the back of my mind, like how I look on film because that reflects my performance. The better I look on film, the better chance I have at going to the next level.” Top Stories