Josiah Bradley (Blair Angulo)

Huskies Make Big Impression On Bradley

Washington hosted one of the top players from the state of Arizona this past weekend when Saguaro (Scottsdale) S Josiah Bradley made the trip north to check out the Spring Preview and he came away impressed with what he saw...

"I had a great time on my visit up there," Bradley said after returning home. "I got a chance to see their spring game and meet with the coaches and I really enjoyed seeing the campus and the facilities and also sitting down with coach (Chris) Petersen."

While he and both of his parents were on campus, they saw one of the aspects of Petersen's program that appealed to them more than the others.

"His 'Built For Life' presentation really impressed both me and my parents," Bradley admitted. "I love the fact that they are focused on you as a person as well as as a player. That is an important to me and my family."

Bradley also got a chance to find out where the Huskies want him were he to wind up a Dawg.

"They see me as a linebacker if I go there," Bradley noted. "I'm fine with it, if that's where I go. I have been playing DB my whole life, so it's going to be different, but if a school thinks I have a better future at linebacker and I can help the team out there, then I'm fine with that."

Washington is just one of several schools to offer Bradley, but Utah is currently the only other program he's visited.

"Right now, I don't have any other visits in mind, but I may take one during the summer," Bradley said. 

As far as what he's looking for from the school he chooses, Bradley has definitely thought about what he's looking for when decision time rolls around.

"I definitely will be looking at the coaching staff and their relationship with the players," Bradley said. "I also want to see how the team is and see if they are like a family. That's big for me too. I want to have a great relationship with my teammates.

"The academics are also a huge factor for me, so that's the other thing I will be looking for."

Bradley said he plans to take most if not all of his visits and hopes to make his decision at some point in December, after his senior season is completed.

We'll have more from Bradley in the coming months as he continues to work his way through the recruiting process. Top Stories