Notes and Quotes

The Husky locker room was happy for the win. "We were excited for the opportunity to play football again. The pre-game ceremony was meaningful, it sure hyped our players. We made a lot of emotional mistakes early on," said Coach Rick Neuheisel.

Washington was hit for four personal fouls, three of which came on the drive that led to the three Idaho points.

Neuheisel was pleased with the effort his team gave despite the mistakes. "I asked my team to play for 60 minutes and I thought we did it. We still do have a lot of things to clean up."

Tight End Jerramy Stevens will be out probably eight weeks with a broken left foot. He did not speak to the media after the game but did release a statement to the media. "I just feel like it's a very unfortunate thing. It happened on the second play of the game. I don't know if I just misstepped or what. I tried to go a couple of more series. I can't even put it in to perspective yet, we'll just have to wait and see," said Stevens about whether or not he could return for this season. Special Teams Coach Bobby Hauck talked about Charles Frederick's efforts today. "He was a little disappointed that he didn't get to play much against Michigan and he really wants to contribute. He was down but we tried to pump him up a little bit to make sure the next game went a little better. Obviously it did," said Hauck.

"It's well documented, the trials he went through at fall camp. He's learning the offense and kicking game very well. I'm excited. There is no school farther away from his home than us, unless it's Hawaii. He initially felt a little bit isolated but luckily we had players on the team in school that could help him through that. I think he's very happy to be here now."

Paul Arnold caught his first career touchdown pass today on a 14-yard fade pattern from Taylor Barton. "I'm definitely happy about it," said the former tailback of his new position. "I still have a long way to go but I'm just going to keep working hard to improve."

"On the touchdown it was a basic play. I just ran my route, saw some green grass and ran to it. The quarterback got me the ball."

Roc Alexander had yet another big day, scoring on a 95-yard kickoff return. "I got a crease, I saw it 10 yards down the field. It was kind of wide open and I went to it. I ran to the crease, cut back, and it was wide open," said Alexander. "I turned around and looked and saw everyone behind me. We've been working hard on kickoff returns so it felt good to execute one." Alexander knew he was gone after he crossed the 32-yard line.

Defensive Coordinator Tim Hundley was pleased overall with the showing his defense gave. "I think we improved. We had a lot of snaps in the first half because we kept scoring by blocking kicks and returning them. We kept going right back on the field," said Hundley with a grin. "I know one thing that we did not do very well was play their two tight end, one back set personnel very well. We need to take a look at that. They balanced us up and ran the football at us from that set. Other than that I think we did some things pretty well. We covered well. We wanted to pressure (Welch). Unfortunately he got hurt and hopefully he can come back for them because he's everything to them. We didn't want him to have any time to throw so we mixed some pressure schemes."

"It's always good to not give up a touchdown and it will give our guys some confidence going in against Cal. When Cal doesn't turn the ball over, they have a good football team."

Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson may need to change his game plans a bit without Jerramy Stevens in the mix. He may need to look to Kevin Ware, who sat out today with a sore quad muscle but is expected back for the Cal game. "He came to camp (last year) hurt, got hurt again during camp, and then lost him in the fourth game for the rest of the year. This year he hurt his foot, then he hurt is quad so he's missed two games this year. It's just been a rash of injuries for him. It's not that he's not talented. He's big, strong, fast, and quick, but he's injured and we can't get him enough practice time to get him a sense of where he fits. He'll get it now."

Charles Frederick wowed the crowd with his 87-yard touchdown, bouncing back nicely from a fumble on his first attempt. He was all smiles in the locker room after the game. "I just didn't worry about that first one. When the next one came, I just relaxed, caught the ball, and ran," said Frederick. "I just had to relax. After the fumble, my teammates told me not to worry about it. That helped. They told me to just take the next one and run with it. That's all I thought about, ‘catch it and run, catch it and run.'"

"I think it was pretty big for me. I was still nervous after that first one. I wasn't even looking, I just focused on catching the ball. I never visualized that I'd take it all the way. I thought I'd get tackled, but the team set up great blocks and I just ran with it."

"I never thought I'd go 87 yards. When I saw it was me and the kicker, I said, ‘I'm going to the house.'"

Quarterback Cody Pickett had an amazing day, going 15-20 for 158 yards and one interception. However three balls were dropped, one that should've been a touchdown but wound up being a pick. "We're still not even close to where we want to be. We have two victories against two good teams and we have a lot of room to improve on offense, so that should make us feel good," said the sophomore from Caldwell, Idaho.

"What was bad was getting down into the red zone on those first two drives and not getting into the endzone. Obviously we came back and got some later. That felt good." Pickett scored the first offensive touchdown of the season for Washington when he took in a keeper from 25-yards out. "It wasn't designed as a run. I was looking for Reggie and he got double-teamed. When I looked for Todd I didn't see him. I guess he was open for the backside post but there was this big hole, so I ran it," said Pickett of his improvisation.

When asked what was more fun, to score on a run or to throw a pass for a score, Pickett deadpanned, "I wouldn't know what a touchdown pass feels like. I haven't thrown one yet."

Injury Update: Washington suffered three injuries of significance. Jerramy Stevens (broken foot – out indefinitely), Braxton Cleman (broken Clavicle – out 8 weeks), and Willie Hurst (hamstring – day to day). Top Stories