An Opponent's View: S Brandon McKinney

With spring ball completed, we can now refocus our opposing views of Husky 2017 signees. In this series, we made calls to some coaches and players who faced off against each prospect signed by Washington in February and got their thoughts on what made them so tough to go up against. Today we take a look at Orange (Ca.) Lutheran S Brandon McKinney...

The Story - McKinney spurned offers from USC, UCLA, Utah, Cal, Colorado, San Diego State, Arizona State and Boston College to choose Washington while on an unofficial visit during the summer. 

Senior Season Stats - The athletic safety was credited with 71 tackles and three interceptions as a senior while also posting 29 receptions for 299 yards while helping to lead his team to the CIF Southern Section Division 1 Playoffs.

Opposing Coach's View - "We stayed away from him the last two years. He can cover a lot of ground and he's great at making plays on the ball if it's in the air for a long time. He isn't the biggest hitter and he avoided blockers instead of taking them on. When we decided to run a play to the side he was on, typically we were able to get some chunks of yardage because he'd avoid a blocker and that resulted in him getting out of his lane. He also was more of an arm-tackler instead of a guy who would square you up and lower his shoulder. I think those are things that can be taught though, so I don't think it will affect him much once he gets to college. Knowing him and his coaching staff, he's just a great kid and a real leader. He always gathered up his guys and got them focused it seemed like. When a big play would happen, he was always the guy patting his teammate on the helmet and telling them to forget it and make the next play. He's about as talented a safety as you're going to see come out of this area."

Opposing Players' View - "We were never worried going across the middle against him. He's not that guy who will blow you up. He preferred to make a play on the ball rather than lay you out. You always had to be aware of where he was though because if the ball hung up at all, you'd better go up and get it or he'll either pick it or he'll knock it away. Blocking him wasn't hard at all when he was a junior. I had one time where I just shadowed him. He didn't engage me at all. As a senior he was more aggressive and more physical, but I still faced a lot more physical guys. I totally respect his abilities though. He made some plays that you were like 'how the heck did he do that?'" Top Stories