Devin Culp/S.Eklund

Border League - Prospect Reviews headed to Spokane to get a look at some of the top prospects on the east side of the state as they took part in the Border League practices being held at Central Valley High School...

Our Take: This was our second chance to see Culp live this spring. He's definitely put on some size -- he reported that he is up to 245 pounds -- and he still looks pretty athletic. On one occasion, Culp took a short pass and then exploded up he sidelines for a big gain as he set up his blockers to get some yardage. As compared to this same time last year, Culp definitely looks much more natural catching the ball and he also showed an improved ability to block in the open field, something he said he's been working on this offseason. Culp was also used as a safety a couple of times, but it doesn't appear as if that will be a regular thing.

Our Take: It's stunning that Lockett doesn't have more offers. He's a borderline Pac 12 guy, but with his athleticism, size and ball skills, it's hard to understand why schools from the Mountain West aren't all over this kid. He was used at receiver when the Bullpups were on offense and he showed good hands the ability to make catches in traffic, but defense is where he's at his best and in the 20 or so reps I saw him take, not a pass was completed against him. He currently holds offers from Idaho and Montana State and he's expected to hit several camps over the next four weeks with the mindset of opening some coaches' eyes once they get a look at him in person.

Our Take: Seeing Townsend live for the first time was an eye-opener. He's big and strong and he runs really well. He was rarely moved off the line and he showed a great first step, avoiding a cut block and forcing a play inside on a running play that was designed to go off-tackle. He's definitely a legit 6'3" and 245 pounds and word is that several Mountain West and Big Sky schools have shown him some interest.

Our Take: Yankoff didn't participate with his team, but he was definitely there supporting them and he was doing some coaching, helping his backup make reads and corrections to things after each offensive play for Coeur d'Alene (Id.). Yankoff still walked with crutches, but he said he's getting stronger every day and hopes to be able to chuck them pretty soon. He's put on some size since the last time we saw him and he said he plans to be in Seattle next month for the Rising Stars camp although he won't be participating.

Our Take: The BYU commit played both ways for University High School, but he appears to be much more comfortable on the defensive side of the ball. He's very big and light on his feet, but he was a bit too passive on the offensive side of the ball. He also looked really uncomfortable getting into his stance when he was on offense and he rarely fired off and got into a defender's pads. Defensively, he appears to be much more comfortable and looks like he could be a nice 3-4 defensive end that plays the 4i (inside shoulder of the offensive tackle) or 5 (head up on the tackle) technique spots.

Our Take: Got our first look at the Washington State commit and he definitely looks athletic and quick. The fields we were on weren't the best -- long grass, pot holes, etc. -- so he didn't really get the chance to showcase his speed, but you can see his explosiveness when he would come off the line. His routes were so-so and the quarterback play for East Valley was atrocious, so it really was tough to judge his overall receiver skills, but everyone we talked to said he's the real deal.

Our Take: The 2020 QB looks the part. He's big and he's got a strong arm. Talking to his coach, he just wrapped up baseball, so his mechanics were still not exactly where they needed to be, so his accuracy was a bit iffy. However, the ball comes off his hand nicely and he seems to have a good understanding of the offense. Seeing as he's former Missouri and current NFL QB Blaine Gabbert's cousin, he comes from good bloodlines, but this will be his first chance to be the day one starter for the Bears' offense. Top Stories