"I'm leaning toward one school"

St. Mary's HS in Walnut Creek, California has just started their season, and one of the biggest cogs in their attack comes in a small package. <b>Trestin George</b> stands only 5-8 and weighs 187 pounds, but he's an athlete that can really lay the lumber on defense and carry his share on offense as a tough, punishing tailback.

"It's coming along slow, a little disappointing," Trestin told Dawgman.com last night. "I thought we were going to be better than we seem right now. We lost a thriller to De Anza. We hadn't lost a game to them in seven years. It seems like we're not working together right now, but we'll get it together by the end of the season. There seems to have been a breakdown in blocking, things like that."

And individually? "Well, I feel like if our team isn't playing good, then I'm not playing good," he said. "But if I sit back and think about it, to be truthful, I think I'm playing pretty good. I rushed for about 165 yards on 20 carries in that loss, and I feel like I'm progressing really well right now."

It appears as if most colleges are recruiting George to play defense, and he relishes giving the opposition a nice legal crack when the opportunity presents itself. "Yessir!" Trestin said with enthusiasm. "But they don't really throw to my side at all. When they do, the ball either gets knocked down or they get punished. They usually throw a lot of quick passes, nothing deep. We play about 5 yards off. But I've also been playing some safety too, so that's where I get a lot of my action."

"Get punished"? George elaborates. "Hey, if the guy comes to my side, I'm playing 5 yards off because we usually play zone. If we're playing man, it's all good, but if I'm playing 5 yards off and they throw a quick out or something, I'm trying to take his helmet off, as well as the ball. I had one nice hit last game. It was a sweep. I came up from my safety spot and ran right through him. I speak with my body on the field."

George was getting plenty of attention during the summer, but something happened with his family that temporarily shut off the lines of communication. "Well, we just moved to Hayward, so I haven't been getting a lot of calls because I'm sure guys are trying to find out where I am," Trestin said. "But so far, Washington, Oregon and USC have been calling me the most."

It's the who's who of colleges when it comes to George's suitors that have offered him a scholarship. "Washington, ASU, USC, Oregon, Colorado, Oregon State. My coach just got some letters from schools that I haven't seen, so there may be more."

When asked about commiting to a school, Trestin admits that he's far from ready, but does fess up when it comes to a leader. "I haven't really chosen anyone yet, but I'm leaning towards one school right now," he said. "I'm leaning towards Washington as of now."

Why the Huskies? "My auntie actually graduated from the University of Washington," said George. "She said that the campus is really nice. Most of my family is in Texas and LA. I like the Seattle area. It's nice and mellow. It's not a real big city. It'll keep me focused on things."

Trestin also talked about something that Washington fans will love to hear. "I like the weather up there," he said. "I really like rainy weather. It brings the best out of me as an athlete, because I feel I'm at a strength and everyone else is at a weakness because they don't like the rain. And I really do. The Business program is really good, and that could help me get a good start to my business career. So I've been looking into a lot of things, like the players and the coaches. They seem like they work well as a team. And they play real good teams up there too. They play real good games."

The diminuitive DB has already formed friendships with the two Washington coaches that are recruiting him. "I talk to Coach Tim Hundley and Coach Neuheisel," he said. "They just keep in touch with me, letting me know everything's being taken care of with my film, things like that. And sometimes we just talk. That's real cool. I like to develop relationships with my coaches."

Husky fans should expect to see George on campus within the next few months, maybe even at a game. "So far not yet," said Trestin when talking about an official visit. "But they've been telling me their schedule and I was thinking about going to a game if I had a game on Friday or something like that, but maybe I'll just handle it all in December."

George certainly seems enamored with all things Husky, but it's still far from a done deal. "I'll have a definite decision no later than late January or early February," he said when asked about a decision date. "I'm just continuing to work hard to be the best athlete I can be, as well as a person."

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