First in a series of Husky Limited Editions

Sometimes an opportunity comes along that can't be passed up. This is one of those. Warren Moon, Steve Pool and the Moneytree have asked Michael G. Reagan, the Husky Artist to produce the first in a series of "Husky Great" lithographs. Not only is this piece now available, but "all" the proceeds from the sale of this piece will go to benefit our own Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center.

This first lithograph recognizes some of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever play Husky football. Those pictured are, Warren Moon, Bob Schloredt, Mark Brunell, Brock Huard, Sonny Sixkiller and Marques Tuiasosopo. The unique part about this Limited Edition Lithograph is that "each" piece is actually signed by "each" quarterback. In addition each piece has been numbered and signed by the artist.

Each subsequent lithograph will feature a different selection of players from a different position on the team. These subsequent editions will also be autographed by each of the players shown. But, to have a chance to own all the subsequent releases you will probably need to own this first one. Here's why. Each year the owners of this first piece will be called to see if they're interested in buying the new release. They will be guaranteed the opportunity to buy the exact same numbered edition they already own. Because of this I would seriously doubt anyone refusing the next issue in the series. Our plan at this time is to do running backs for next year.

So if you are interested in getting this first in a series of Husky greats here's how you do that. Contact Production Art & Frame at 206.223.5546 and ask for Gary Porter or you can reach them by email, The cost of the piece (unframed) is $250.00, plus $10.00 shipping and handling. Special framing prices are also available and you can discuss that with Gary when you place your order.

Michael G. Reagan

To view his other works, please visit his web site: Top Stories