University of Washington last year, it's no wonder Wilson is looking north for his potential future college choice."> University of Washington last year, it's no wonder Wilson is looking north for his potential future college choice.">

The Next in Line?

<b>Gibril Wilson</b> plays Strong Safety and Cornerback for the City College of San Francisco Rams, and the 6'1", 190-pound Wilson has been talking to some old teammates of his when it comes to his recruitment to a D1 school. With three ex-Rams signing letters-of-intent to the <b>University of Washington</b> last year, it's no wonder Wilson is looking north for his potential future college choice.

"I got to talk to Taylor a little bit," Gibril told last weekend. "Taylor loves it up there. He has me convinced that Washington is the best place for me. Those guys are pretty close friends of mine. Cisco (Francisco Tipoti), Taylor (Barton) and Kai (Ellis), and I'm going by what they are telling me. All of their experiences have been good, so I know that when I go up there to visit that it's going to be good."

Wilson was recruited out of Oak Grove High School in San Jose, California by a number of different D1 schools. "Yeah, I was recruited. I had and offer from USC. Washington was recruiting me. Oregon too. All the way over to Michigan State too. A lot of people were recruiting me."

Gibril enrolled at CCSF the fall of 2000 and is currently on track to finish up his AA in December and be eligible for spring ball in 2002 with 3 years to play 2.

With his abiliy to play both safety and corner, which does Wilson prefer? "I like both," Gibril said. "I'm strong against the run and I can cover too."

And his strongest suit? "I think it's just my instincts. Just knowing where the ball is and finding the ball. That's the most important thing there is."

When asked about 40 times, vertical jumps and bench press numbers, Wilson doesn't truly know. "My coach, Coach (George) Rush, he doesn't worry about those things at all."

Raw stats aside, Gibril must be a player if you go by the schools that are expressing interest in him. Oregon State, Washington, Oregon, Nebraska, USC, Kansas State and Oklahoma are his main suitors.

Any offers? "Coaches are just talking to me right now," said Wilson. "None of those things really matter to me until the season's over anyway, so I'm not worried about that stuff."

He is, however, already in the process of setting up some official visits. "I've scheduled a trip to Oregon State during a bye week, but that's not set in stone," Gibril said. "I'm trying to get to Washington too, whenever they can get me up there."

Who is talking to Gibril for the Huskies? "Coach Hundley. I talked to Coach Neuheisel when he came down here to visit, but I haven't talked to him since. Coach Hundley tells me that Washington wants me and that he's looking forward to recruiting me. I'm just trying to get to a school that best fits me and my abilities."

The main reason Wilson is interested in the Dawgs is his friendships with Tipoti, Ellis and Barton. What would Kai Ellis say about Gibril if we asked him? "He'll say I'm always talkin', keeping my team in the game, focused, making sure they are doing what they are supposed to do," he said about the current starting REB for the Huskies. "I just feed off my teammates. It's all a team thing."

And his recollection of the man known as 'The Creature'? "Kai is Kai," Gibril says, simply. "The only thing that's crazy about him is that he's never satisfied. He's so hungry. I remember during practice, he would never take it easy. He would be smackin' guys, just like in a game."

He also remembers Barton being a brash field general. "Taylor's too smart," Gibril said. "Taylor's a great QB. He gave us great competition. He'd be talking the whole time, saying stuff like, 'You can't get to my passes.'" He's very confident." Top Stories