Husky men hit the hardwood

Today the Husky Men's Hoops squad had a run-through at Hec-Edmundson Pavilion. The coaches aren't allowed to conduct any practices until October 13, so the players decided to get together and practice in the meantime. Today, we got a glimpse at the future of the team as they hit the hardwood.

Here are some of our impressions:

Doug Wrenn: Physically, he puts everyone else on the team to shame. He's a legitimate 6-6, maybe 6-7, and he can jump out of the sky. Wrenn appears to be even more muscular than in previous years, and has taken over as the leader of the team. After sitting out a year after transferring, he's learned the system and basically runs the show. He tells everyone where they need to be, and when someone screws up he's there in their ear to let them know. His perimeter game looks solid as ever, and he's strong enough to get inside the paint and be the team's leading scorer.

Will Conroy: What a treat it is to have this guy at UW. He's another quick point guard in the mold of Curtis Allen. He's got one of those non-stop motors that they talk about in football with guys like John Randall. He's still got some work to do with his jumpshot, but looks already to be a great team leader. With, Allen, and possibly Charles Frederick (coming over from football) at point guard, the team is stocked at the position for years to come. Massingale will likely play more at shooting guard this season.

Erroll Knight: Two things stand out about Knight. Number one, his outside shooting looks improved from his high school days. He said he took 500 shots a day this summer in hopes of becoming more of a perimeter threat, and it appears as though he may have done just that. Secondly, Knight is incredibly quick off his feet. In the paint when the big men are battling for the boards, Knight often is able to grab the rebound and put the ball back in the hole. Besides those two traits, Knight is one of the most explosive players ever to don a Washington uniform, and it will show come November.

Anthony Washington: The big man from Garfield has a big wing span and the potential to be a stopper in the middle, but he's still got a ways to go. Like Jeffrey Day, Washington still is raw offensively, but has a soft touch on his shot. The "Washing-Machine" will have to continue to work on his conditioning to keep up at the Pac-10 level, but that will come with time. He's a big athletic body who could be a monster in time if he stays aggressive and continues to develop.

Jeffrey Day: The Seattle Prep graduate is still skinny as a rail and has work to do offensively, but the athleticism he has is something that cannot be coached. He might be the biggest project in the 2001 recruiting class, but his upside might also be the highest. Like Washington, the main concern is staying aggressive. If that happens, and if he continues to progress and work hard, there's no reason he couldn't be a big contributor within the next two years.

Mike Jensen: The 6-9 bleached-blond star from Kent is probably the most intriguing player on the team. He's still recovering from an ankle injury he sustained about a month ago, but should be back in the next week or so. Until then, he's just running, lifting weights, and shooting with the team. He's well put together already for a true freshman, and has adequate height to play either power forward or small forward. He's aggressive and likes to take it to the hole, but also has a soft touch from the outside. He'll be a nightmare for opposing coaches - a mismatch wherever he plays.

David Dixon: It's hard to use any other word other than "proud" when you see David Dixon these days. After spending the last two years mired in mediocrity largely because of a weight problem, the big man from Texas isn't so big anymore. He looks like he's shed about 50 pounds since last season. He truly looks like a new man. Today he was running up and down the court without any problem, game after game, while some of the other freshman were left sucking wind. His stamina is very much improved, and it will definitely play a positive role this season. You won't believe it when you see this guy.

Grant Leep: Already heading into his senior season, Leep will have to play both small forward and power forward at times this season. He's got one of the purest shots on the team, and it's just a matter of him getting an open look at the basket. Today, he sunk the shots he had open looks at, but couldn't connect on those with hands in his face. With the up-tempo style that the Dawgs will likely have this year, it might allow for Leep to sneak out for open shots on the perimeter.


Reunion Time: Former Huskies Bryan Brown and Thalo Green were at Hec-Ed today, and they got a kick out of seeing each other. Both played in the game and had a blast showing the young guys some veteran moves. Yes, Thalo did go reverse on a lay-in.

Shelton Update: Marlon Shelton sat in a chair on the baseline watching the scrimmage. We'll have an update on his injury situation shortly.

Not in Attendance: Curtis Allen, CJ Massingale, and Josh Barnard weren't at the run-through. Allen and Massingale spent a lot of the summer in Seattle together. Barnard spent time in Seattle playing in the summer league, and also was down in Texas for some time. Top Stories