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Rock the Dawg House
Race Bannon

The Washington Huskies celebrated a return to traditional Canine values with a throw back win over the impressive Cardinal of Stanford. As Head Coach Keith Gilbertson put it after the game, that was how the Huskies got most of their wins as they built the West's best program over the last three decades.

Offense, defense, and special teams fit like a hand in a glove as the Huskies ground out a hard fought win over the much-improved Buddy Ballers from the Farm. The Huskies gashed the nation's #1 rushing defense for over 150 yards highlighted by a 53-yard touchdown burst by Rich Alexis. Rich showed he still has the burst and speed that made him a household name as a true freshman.

The incomparable Reggie-Reggie-Reggie Williams turned a poorly thrown ball into a 74 yard touchdown run as he did what only the Great One can do – take the game into his hands and inspire his teammates on to victory.

Charles Fredrick finally hit a big punt return late in the game to keep the field tilted towards the Purple and the Gold.

Moreover, when the offense struggled to gain a yard and turned the ball over on downs, the often maligned defense was there to put the game away on a TD return of a pick by Derrick Johnson. Derrick will be appearing on the Husky Stadium stairs early mornings this week practicing ball protection as he runs into the end zone.

There were some down moments such as giving up a third and sixteen conversion to Stanford on one of their TD marches, but the good overshadowed the mistakes as the team continues to work hard and show improvement from week to week. A stirring goal line stand after Stanford marched the length of the field to start the 2nd half was huge for the defenders of the faith. The Card were unable to get a TD despite 6 tries from inside the five yard line.

The Huskies eschew the flash and glitter of Johnny come lately flash in the pan programs, and prefer to quietly and modestly work hard on weekly improvement, while respecting each opponent and taking them one game at a time.

Next up is a trip to Waterloo to face the Bruins of UCLA. Cody Wilson Pickett – we need you to pick it up to bring home a win.
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

I arrived at Strawberry Canyon at halftime like any good Angeleno does, and was shocked to see the nation's best team trailing by two touchdowns to Cal. I was not too concerned as Cal has a long and storied history of blowing leads over teams like Southern Cal and Washington.

Things looked like they were going according to the script as the Trojans quickly tied up the game in the third quarter. However, as the Huskies found out last season, this is not your Father's Cal team. This is Jeff Tedford's Cal team.

John Facenda: "Jeff Tedford – A certain magic still lingers when you say the name."

Duck fans will agree with our NFL Films announcer who is now deceased but agreed to appear here today.

The Bears in their ninja pajama uniforms, hung in there and won out in the end in a three overtime thriller. Pete Carroll is now on the hot seat for losing to an inferior opponent for the second time in two seasons.

Trojan fans will have to settle for another 12-1 season this year. Bury the Trojans at your own risk. Cal was playing their 6th game, while the Troy Boys were on their 4th, and coming off a bye week spent reading press clippings of greatness. SC remains the class of the Pac. Dammit!

In other LA news, the UCLA Bruins knocked off the tough Aztecs of San Diego State with an impressive defense and improved offense. It is all coming together for Karl Dorrell just in time for a visit from the Washington Huskies.
Beavers still own the state of Oregon
Benny B. Eaver

We could discuss the Beavers rout of the ASU Stunned Devils, 45-17, which propelled OSU into a first place tie with Washington in the Pac 10, or we could make fun of our little brother down south who got whopped 55-16 by a second division Pac 10 team. Tough call, but for a Beaver fan, an Oregon loss is often better than an OSU win.

I hope the Ducks enjoy watching the tapes of the game on their HD 55" plasma screen TVs in their 3.2 million dollar palace of a locker room. Gotta give credit to Chuck Nelson for that one.

You knew it was going to be a bad day for the Ducks when both Jason Fife and Clarence Clemmons lost their Playstation games that morning.

I don't want to say that the Ducks have gone soft with their palatial digs and salary cap increases, but it looks to me like the Ducks have gone soft with their palatial digs and salary cap increases.

When the State of Washington comes down to Autzen, destruction follows in the wake. It is old news now when the Ducks are blown out at Autzen.

Now we know why Rick Neuheisel was trying on Oregon headgear in the owner's box with Knight and Moos. Bellotti has a strained neck looking over his shoulder as his struggles to figure out Pac 10 play continue. 3-5 might be hoping for too much this season.

At least Dan Fouts was paid to watch the game, but he could not leave at halftime like the fans that had to pay to watch that train wreck .

Bellotti's private security team is on notice to stop Jeff Tedford by any means necessary if he is scheduled to meet with Knight and Moos. How does he look in a Zero cap?

Duck scientists are investigating how Bellotti could go from being a genius to being an idiot in one week. Such are the vagaries of the coaching profession. Rumor has it that the quarterback coaching position at Rainier Beach may open up soon. It is known as a springboard for coaching careers.

Jeff Tedford – A certain magic still lingers when you say the name.
Quick Picks:

UW 16, UCLA 13: We like the switch of the coaching match up. Now we have the rotund ball coach and UCLA has the soft former Bruin on the sidelines. The Huskies are way past due to get back in this series. Cody Wilson Pickett – it is Now Time. This is the first of two trips to Pasadena for the Huskies this year. Will Rick be spotted in a Bruin cap?

Utah 38, UO 35: Utah has beat Cal at home already and now hosts the reeling Ducks who once again are in danger of mailing in the last half of the season. The Duckfighter Illustrated cover jinx may still linger like the magic in Jeff Tedford's name.

WSU 73, Arizona 0: As we went to press, John Macovic was still the coach, not Mike Price. Before I hit the send button John Macovic was not the coach at Arizona. Nor was Mike Price. Tony Robbins takes the helm in Tucson and is known as a great motivator. By the way, has there ever been a more over rated coach than Mike Price? He fooled those rubes for 14 years of losing and excuses. And Bill Doba was there quietly doing his job.

USC 28, ASU 24: Tempe has always been tough on the Trojans, and the Stunned Devils need to show some life soon or Bellotti spawn Dirk Koetter will be sent back down stream.

Cal 31, OSU 28: The game of the week in the Pac 10. Anderson has to show he can win on the road before we pick them to win.
Wire Service Report: API
(Mallard N. Moore is convalescing at Shady Oaks and is unavailable. Rob Bobertson is on a bender somewhere in Central Oregon, so we run the API report of the game)

The Oregon Ducks killed themselves in the foot with nine turnovers and two blocked punts as they followed up their big win over Michigan with the worst loss in Autzen Stadium history. The Ducks now sport a losing record at newly remodeled and no longer feared Autzen Arena. The 55 points they gave up broke the old record set by the Huskies in a 54-0 win in 1977.
Around the world: Missouri was upset by Kansas...those two states once fought a war... not good to lose that one Coach Pinkel...Rich Brook's Kentucky team blew one to Hauck coached Montana to a win over Idaho...John L. Smith has the Spartans back on track with a big win over Iowa...Purdue stomped Notre Dame...WSU remains the only team in America to lose to Notre Dame..."The Season" is cancelled.

Thanks for reading, and how about we beat those damn Bruins? – Race

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