Dawgbytes - 9/30

There were some questions still left unanswered when the news about Juan Garcia's eligibility came out Tuesday, so Washington head coach Keith Gilbertson talked specifics regarding the 6-4, 280-pound true frosh from Yakima. The news wasn't good, but there just might be a silver lining.

"His waiver was denied again," Gilbertson said of Garcia's battle with the NCAA Clearinghouse. "And instead of fighting with them to get him in as a partial qualifier, he's decided to go home."

Juan has been declared a non-qualifier, and because of that he can no longer be under scholarship. Since there is no scholarship, any time on campus spent taking on the NCAA to reinstate Garcia would mean prohibitive costs to Juan and his family. "He would have to pay for his room and board, and knowing his situation we didn't want to do that to him," Gilbertson said. Gilbertson also mentioned the case of Adam Tate, a player that racked up a sizeable bill while waiting for his appeals to taken care of.

At the heart of the waivers were four core classes that Garcia took at Eisenhower High School in Yakima. Even though the classes specifically catered to students where english was a second language, the Eisenhower administration approved them as core classes because the curriculum was identical for similar classes designed for primarily english-speaking students.

"If he can take four classes at his original high school, he can come back next fall," Gilbertson said, getting to the crux of the solution. School has already started at Eisenhower, but Gilbertson seemed confident the administration at Eisenhower will 'work with him' to get his classes taken care of.

They are not make-up classes, but a different set of core curriculum designed to satisfy the Clearinghouse's standards for enrollment. "I'm sad about it, but they are the judge and jury and have the final say," Gilbertson said.

Since Juan has been designated a non-qualifier, Washington must resign him and he will be a recruitable athlete once he becomes eligible.

With the focus back on this week's upcoming game, Gilbertson isn't thrilled to be taking a trip to Los Angeles this early. "In my experience when I lived down in Los Angeles, it's a hotter time of the year," he said. "It'll probably be in the 80's, but we played a game in the 80's this past week."

With defensive tackle Rodney Leisle out for the first half of the Washington-UCLA game, is there any chance Gilbertson will throw in some offensive wrinkles to take advantage of his absence? Don't count on it. "Hey, their QB (Matt Moore) is coming back, and I'm expecting to see him," Gilbertson said. "You just have to game-plan against their system. Leisle might be out, but you put C.J. Niusulu, Kevin Brown or Asi Faoa in there and there isn't much of a drop-off. They are all tremendous athletes."

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