More Dawgbytes - 9/30

There was some more news from Montlake today, an injury update that will preclude one player from taking his turn in the starting lineup when Washington takes on UCLA in Pasadena. There will be another Husky having surgery soon.

"He's going to be held one more week," Washington head coach Keith Gilbertsaid of his number one tight end, Joe Toledo. Toledo has been suffering from a lower back problem and did not suit up against Stanford. "He saw a specialist and they just didn't feel like this was going to be the week for him.

"We'll go with Ben Bandel, John Lyon, Jason Benn and Andy Heater, in that order, again this weekend."

Bandel did practice Tuesday, but with limited contact. "He had a stinger," Gilbertson said. Ben apparently got the stinger during warmups before the Huskies' matchup with Stanford, but still played. "He got another one in the game."

Also, true frosh linebacker Rob Lewis will have surgery either Wednesday or Thursday to repair an injured wrist. "Actually it's a wrist problem he's had for three years," Gilbertson said.

Co-Defensive Coordinator Phil Snow has some definite ties to Washington's next opponent, but he'd rather talk about the guys he's coaching right now. So what is Snow working on the hardest? You might be surprised.

When it comes to fundamentals, there's nothing more basic for defensive players than communication. Snow is stressing that to the fullest. "They wonder, why am I always talking so loud," he said. "The thing is, I'm not yelling, I'm talking so they can definitely hear what I'm saying. They have to be vocal."

And what about the future? With the comments made to the press earlier in the week about Washington fans appreciating good defense, Snow has a pretty good idea as to what it's going to take to get back to that level.

"To get back to a dominant level, I don't think you can do that unless you are fast at all positions," he said. "We need to get faster. We're thinking of re-implimenting an old speed program they did when Don James was here, and we definitely have to always recruit for speed.

"That '91 defense - how fast were they? Donald Jones ran a 4.5 and he was a defensive end! Those cats could run. When you look at Oklahoma, Florida State...the dominant defenses of the day, look at how fast they run." Top Stories