Will the Dawgs ruin the Bruins?

The Rose Bowl has been a house of horrors for the Dawgs in recent years. UCLA has had their way with Washington when the two schools play down in California. Will this Saturday be a different story? Here is what the staff thinks.

Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 3-1. As with every game on their schedule, Washington can win this one. Injuries are really starting to concern me, but it's part of the game. Washington is getting it done with defense, particularly in the second half. They'll need to do the same this game, and I think that they'll do just that, earning Gilby his first road win.

Prediction: Washington 24, UCLA 13

Joe Kaiser, Columnist. Record: 4-0. As much as I'd like to think this Husky team is different, I'm not sure it is. The Huskies have played terrible on the road over the past three seasons, and until it changes I'm going to have to go with the road team. UCLA brings a defense with a defensive line the caliber of Ohio State's, which will make for a long day for Cody Pickett and the Husky offense. Look for a low-scoring, close game with the Bruins eking one out in the Rose Bowl.

Prediction: UCLA 21, Washington 17

Dawn Van Diest, Sports Washington. Record: 4-0. I'm hoping that since the Huskies aren't led by an ex-Bruin, UCLA will have a little less fire in their veins, but I doubt it. The Bruins defense will control the Husky offensive line and frustrate the running game. The Dawgs will have to rely on the passing game, but the Bruins don't give up many big plays there either.

Bruins 23, Dawgs 20

Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 3-1. I don't see the Huskies scoring more than 17 points against that defense, and I don't see the Bruins being held to less than 17. So I give the nod to the guys with the ugliest uniforms in the conference. I also hear that Rick Neuheisel will be there watching in the Rose Bowl.

Prediction: UCLA 20, Washington 17

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 3-1. Wij gaan binnen van hen, gaan wij buiten hen - binnen van hen, buiten hen - en wanneer wij hen op de looppas krijgen, gaan wij hen op de looppas houden. En vergeet geen mensen, wanneer wij hen op de looppas krijgen, wij gaan gaan, gaan gaan, gaan! Van vandaag de dag gaan wij winnen, mensen. Ga zo binnen daar en vecht, vecht, vecht, vecht, VECHT!! Wat zegt u, mensen?

Prediction: Washington 24, UCLA 20

Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 2-2. Often times, predicted defensive battles turn into offensive shootouts. Cody and the passing attack are due to break out and help keep the improving running game on track. The Bruins scored more points against SDSU than the Buckeyes did. Lingering questions about the Husky defense lead me to believe the Bruins may find healing on offense this week as well. All I know is that a fired up bunch of Dawgs will bring home a rare win against the dreaded Bruins, keeping big Mo on track at Montlake.

Prediction: Dawgs 28, Bruins 24

Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 4-0. It seems as the team wins one game, the next game looms bigger and more important. As good of times as that is, the edge makes me nervous. A good nervous, but nervous nonetheless. For the most part, UW has demonstrated a better offense than UCLA. On defense, UCLA has shown an ever-so-slight edge over the Huskies. Before the season started, I penciled this in as a road loss, this is a place the Huskies tend to struggle. Now I believe they are good enough to win. So with that thought, I am changing my thinking (homerism attack).

Prediction: Washington 17, UCLA 13

Henry Han, Intern. Record: 4-0. This game is so very crucial. This game will really determine just how good (or not good) Washington is. UCLA has had our number recently, and hopefully we don't fall victim to one of those "slow starts" because whenever you play in the Rose Bowl, you have to play four solid quarters of football to be invited back in January. We'll also see just what the running game is made of. If Alexis breaks 100 again, history indicates we'll more than likely win.

Prediction: Washington 31, UCLA 28

Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 4-0. Washington has history going against them when they hit the field Saturday, but then again, they aren't playing your Mother's UCLA team either. With little offense, new head coach Karl Dorrell has had to rely on a stingy defense to get by. And with Washington's re-energized D making the plays when they need to make them, it makes smart sense to take the under. The Huskies haven't had to rely on Evan Knudson yet, but he nailed his first collegiate attempt in front of nearly 110,000 people, so doing it against a crowd half that size shouldn't be a problem.

Prediction: Washington 13, UCLA 10

Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 4-0.
What can you say about this crazy game? The former offensive coordinator for the Dawgs is the head coach and the former quarterbacks and assistant head coach is the offensive coordinator for the Bruins. If any team knows Washington, it's this one. However, I still see the Dawgs finding a way to pull this one out. Karl Dorrell is a great guy but Keith Gilbertson will out-coach him.

Dawgs 24, Bruins 21

David Samek, Publisher. Record: 3-1. This has been an interesting season so far for Washington. They cannot throw the ball very well due to personnel shifting and some injuries, but they have developed a running game instead. This team wins with field position, special teams, and defense. I like the coaching points of emphasis so far, and in this game the Dawgs will need the defense to come up with a big takeaway and score, and the kicking game will need to make a big play. I don't see the offense scoring more than 7 points against UCLA's defense. They're good across the board. Look for a low scoring game with Washington winning the game with…GASP…their defense.

Prediction: Washington 14, UCLA 10

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