Dawgbytes - 10/7

Keith Gilbertson was in no mood to trifle Tuesday afternoon when asked about his star receiver Reggie Williams. The junior from Lakewood made some disparaging remarks toward UCLA defensive back Matt Ware in the aftermath of Washington's 46-16 implosion at the Rose Bowl.

"We respect everyone that we play, and I really believe that do that," Gilbertson said. "When you win, be humble. When you lose, be gracious. I've talked to our whole team about it and enough has been made about it. I'm not going to broadside him about this."

He then took his turn at the media. "I don't think it's appropriate for the media to make a bigger deal out of it than it is. When Reggie does things, it's not about him. He wants to do whatever he can and whatever it takes to help this team win."

But the question remains, does the smack take Reggie out of his game? "Kids are always going to be wrapped up in it," Gilbertson said. "Even I, at my age, sometimes want to go and say some things I can't say. Kids aren't going to be perfect and a lot of adults aren't going to be either."

When the Huskies went back to work Monday, the sour taste of defeat still resonated. Gilbertson expected it, as it hit him just as hard. "Today (Tuesday) will be the first real go-around for us," he said. "They still seemed to be a bit upset yesterday, but that's what you get with competitors. You can't pour yourself into something like that and then just forget about it."

As to things on the field, Gilbertson talked about the rotation he has at kick returner and the strategy he'll employ in an attempt to get that part of the special teams kick-started. "We have a rotation of 6 guys and we've had that rotation all year long," he said. Roc Alexander, Derrick Johnson, Isaiah Stanback, Scott Ballew, Sonny Shackelford and Charles Frederick have all taken reps in the back, and Gilbertson also mentioned Shelton Sampson, Anthony Russo and Williams as three other players that have seen time. "If guys are in for a long time on defense, for instance, we'll try to get some other guys in there. And we'll use Reggie as a back-up punt returner too."

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