Dawgbytes - 10/9

The Pac-10 and NCAA came in to Seattle Wednesday without a lot of fanfare. Their mission? To speak with Washington head coach Keith Gilbertson. The topics and duration of the meeting(s)? We can only guess, as Gilby isn't talking. There's only one thing on his mind right now - the Nevada Wolf Pack.

"I've been advised not to discuss anything about it because it is an ongoing investigation," Gilbertson said Thursday. Both agencies have been paying close attention to the Husky athletic department ever since it was reported that Rick Neuheisel bet on college basketball. When they plan on leaving town is anybody's guess.

The health of his team has been a season-long concern, one that has forced Gilbertson to move talented DL Stanley Daniels to the offensive line. "Stanley came over from the defense and he looks like he could be really good," Gilbertson said.

Earlier in the week Gilbertson was pretty sure the redshirt frosh from San Diego wouldn't play, but that's just based on depth. "You can't tell after just a couple of days, but if he has to play I suspect he'll go in there and battle," he said. "He's not going to be held out."

In other words, Stanley might be thrown out to the Wolf Pack.

Khalif Barnes and Nick Newton will start at the tackles, as they have all year. But Dan Dicks will move to the strong guard side, moving Clay Walker up to play alongside Barnes. "Walker moves up, but he's started a couple of games this year," Gilbertson said. Todd Bachert continues to anchor things from his center position.

Other than moving Dicks and Walker, there are no other anticipated position changes on either side of the ball heading into Saturday.

The health of Charles Frederick has been a concern for a couple of weeks. "I haven't seen Charles today, but the trainers tell me he's feeling better," Gilbertson said. "We've talked about giving him the week off, but he wants to play and it's hard to keep him down."

Frederick has shown signs of cramping brought on by dehydration. He's been suffering from flu-like symptoms for nearly two weeks now. "Indications are from the testing that's been done is that there's nothing seriously wrong with Charles," Gilbertson said. If 'ET' can't go, expect to see more of true freshmen Sonny Shackleford and Quintin Daniels.

Also, Roc Alexander, who was held for the first couple of days this week with shoulder stingers, has been cleared to play and will take off the red Thursday.

If there is a tendency to let down after a disappointing game against UCLA, Gilbertson isn't seeing it. "It's been a good week," he said. "There's been a lot of energy and it's been physical. I've been pleased. I know there's tendency to wonder how we are going to be. Well...so far, so good.

"And there's also a tendency by people to put everything on one football game. It's a learning process for these kids, and there are gradual ups and downs. It seems like we've been playing forever, but we still have seven games to go."

Each offense the Huskies see gives them just a little different look. Chris Tormey and the Wolf Pack are no different. "Since you can't break the huddle with 12 guys, one thing they'll do is break with 11 guys and then change groups at the line of scrimmage," Gilbertson said. "When they do that, we'll have to be on our toes with any situational substitution we do."

And how does that impact Phil Snow's philosophy of going with his base defense most of the time? "Well, we've played a lot more nickel of late too," Gilbertson said.

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