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When Washington football teams lose to Nevada football teams, it's hard to see the bright spots. The positives just aren't there. And now, as Washington heads to Oregon State next week and returns home the week after for a matchup against powerhouse USC, the Huskies know they are in serious could-be-in-for-a-losing-season kind of trouble.

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  • After the game, there was no hiding it.

    "We got beat. We were outplayed in every aspect of the game," said senior defensive tackle Terry Johnson, one of the Huskies' most outspoken defensive leaders.

    Johnson was double teamed up front by the Wolf Pack's offensive linemen for much of the game, but even with that being the case the Huskies never managed to put pressure on Nevada quarterback, Andy Heiser. As a result, Heiser picked the UW secondary apart on 19-29 passing, throwing for 299 yards and three touchdowns.

    Is this 1999 all over again Husky fans? Where's the defense?

    "We stunk out there today," said Greg Carothers, another senior. "You can't say much else. I think it's obvious."

    When you lose to Nevada, yes, it's obvious.

    Johnson says the team needs to be more consistent if it expects to compete in the future, an area which eluded the team against the Western Athletic Conference's Nevada team on Saturday.

    "We have to be more balanced as a team," said Johnson. " We can't have spurts of good defense, good offense, and good special teams. It's frustrating to see that we are so unbalanced and inconsistent right now. When you are that way, you are going to get beat often."

    The Huskies had seemingly no answers in last week's disastrous second half at UCLA, and that was the case again this week. Nevada played the aggressor all game long as the Huskies were forced to battle from behind, looking for a spark that never came.

    When all was said and done, the statistics were downright U-G-L-Y. Maurice Mann, the Wolf Pack's senior receiver, simply could not be stopped by any of Washington's defensive backs, pulling down a game-high seven receptions for 168 yards and a touchdown. And the fact that Wolf Pack played much of the game without Chance Kretschmer, the team's runningback who led the nation in rushing as a freshman two years ago, didn't matter. Backup B.J. Mitchell took advantage of his playing time, rushing for 84 yards on 21 carries.

    "Their offense did some good things," said Carothers. "Some of those good things were things that we should have prevented."

    But Husky linebacker Scott White says none of Nevada's plays came as a surprise. The freshman linebacker said the Huskies were ready for what the Wolf Pack brought to the field and should have played better.

    "I felt like we had a great week of practice," said White. "That made it surprising when we came out so flat. We need to come out and play with more confidence."

    The only Husky player who did look confident was Rich Alexis, who moved into a tie for third place on the school's all-time rushing touchdown list with a second quarter score, the 28th of his career. Alexis rushed the ball 20 times for 98 yards in the first half alone, ending the game with 120 yards on a career-high 30 carries.

    Alexis, in his fourth and final season out of Florida, said the loss ranked right up there with any other in his Husky career in terms of how much it hurt.

    "They were making some big plays at the right time," said the tailback of the Nevada defense. "They disguised their schemes better than we thought when we watched their tape. They made the big plays."

    Also hurting the Washington cause was their struggles to protect quarterback Cody Pickett from the Nevada pass rush, which had an uncharacteristic eight sacks in the game. Five came from one player, Jorge Cordova.

    That stat was tough to swallow for weak tackle Khalif Barnes after the game.

    "I think it was just miscommunication on our part, and I think they played harder than us today," said Barnes, the fourth-year junior. "It looked like there were breakdowns (on our part) all over the field."

    When all was said and done, one fact remains â€" good teams just don't lose to Nevada. And now that the Huskies are 3-3 with the toughest part of their schedule still ahead of them, much work has to be done if this team plans on winning any more games. Right now, none look like gimmies.

    Coach Keith Gilbertson addressed that after the game, as did many of the Husky players.

    "We need to get better in all aspects of the game," said Pickett, who finished the day 19-37 with 337 yards, three interceptions and one touchdown. "We just didn't play like we're capable of."

    "It's a matter of stepping back and understanding our problems," said Johnson, hoping his defensive unit can rebound from the embarrassing defeat. "Then we need to find a spark. We have to have those guys who can spark us."

    Will sparks be flying next week at the night game in Corvallis? Let's hope the Huskies bring a sparkler or two for that game, or we'll be hearing more of these same quotes again next weekend.

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