Flowers starting to bloom

Nathan Flowers is a 6-4, 290-pound offensive lineman from Chula Vista, California, and the Spartans came out of the gate with both guns blazing this fall. They are 5-0 and ranked number 4 in their county currently, and Nathan is a part of CV's success.

"We've exceeded expectations so far," Flowers told Sunday night. "The last five games we've had both our running backs go for over 100 yards each. We knew we were going to be good, but but we played the number one-ranked team in the county (Carlsbad) and just killed them. It was 40-something to 7."

Nathan is the Spartans' starting left tackle and is not playing defense.

Flowers verbally committed to Washington back at then end of July and nothing has changed in that regard. "Idaho State is the only school to have called me, but I wasn't home when they called," he said. "Things are still the same to me, I'm still committed.

Coach (Dan) Cozzetto is calling me once a week."

And academics? "Things are going pretty good," he said. "I'm going to adult school as well as regular school. I'm getting things done."

Nathan's father, Sam, is still committed to making sure his son qualifies academically and makes it into college. "It means a lot to me," Nathan said of his father's sacrifices. "He has to wake up just as early as I do and he was there driving me around at 6AM during Hell Week," Flowers said. "And he's there making sure I get to school and get things done."

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