Dawgbytes - 10/15

Swagger is sometimes a difficult thing to encapsulate. Sometimes it's manifested outwardly in such a way that you would have to be blind, crippled and crazy not to see it. In other instances, it's done in such a subtle way that you hardly know what hit you. Either way, two things are probably true going into Washington's game with Oregon State Saturday - there's one team that has 'swagger' and there's one team serching high and low for quick answers.

"I don't think you can have swagger unless you've earned it," Husky head coach Keith Gilbertson said Wednesday. "You earn it by beating people up and winning games.

"And if there's any team right now that has some swagger, it's Oregon State."

The Huskies are back to their weekly practice routine, with a Tuesday workout characterized by Gilbertson as a 'good day of work'. "The weather cooperated," he added.

But injuries apparently aren't interested in cooperating. Joe Toledo will not travel to Corvallis. "I'm optimistic he'll be OK, but he's been out 4 of the past 5 games," Gilbertson said. "He hasn't shown any significant signs of recovery, so we're just going to roll with it."

But all the other players that were held out Tuesday will go. Tusi Sa'au is questionable for Saturday's game, but will travel and is practicing in a limited capacity this afternoon.

Reggie Williams and Roc Alexander, limited Tuesday, are 'full-go' for this afternoon's practice.

Gilbertson doesn't have fond memories of the last time he saw Reser Stadium, which was in 2001. The Beavers routed UW in that contest 49-24. "The one play I remember from that game was when we were driving and it looked like we were going to score to keep us right in the game but a pass got picked off in the flat for around 80 yards.

"They really dominated that game and after that pick we were never really able to get back in contention."

Even though Reser is the smallest stadium in the Pac-10, it's still can be a royal headache for those teams expecting an easy time. "Any place is a tough place to play when you are playing against quality, quality athletes," Gilbertson said.

As far as his own athletes, Gilbertson mentioned his receiving rotation he'll be taking with him this weekend. Reggie Williams, Charles Frederick, Isaiah Stanback, Jordan Slye, Sonny Shackelfor and Quintin Daniels comprise his top-6 with Justin Robbins out. "There may be a chance we take Corey Williams with us too," he said.

They will only take one placekicker with them, and given the fact that Evan Knudson had three kicks blocked last weekend, that spot is very much open for competition.

"I just want to see us get the ball in the air," Gilbertson said, noting Knudson's 37-yarder to end the half in the Huskies' lost to UCLA. "That kick was high, deep and true. That's what we're looking for."

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