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Washington heads down I-5 to clash with an Oregon State team that is a large favorite and undefeated in Pac-10 play. They also have the best tailback in the conference, if not the nation. Will the Dawgs pull the upset on the road? Here's what the staff thinks.

Joe Kaiser, Columnist. Record: 5-1. Is there any reason that a team that lost to Nevada at home would beat a ranked team like Oregon State on the road? I don't see one. The Huskies are struggling in every facet of the game, and last week even the usually reliable special teams unit fell flat on its face. Look for Steven Jackson to run for 150 yards, and for Derek Anderson to beat the Huskies deep twice. Rich Alexis will have another good game, but it won't be enough as Cody, Reggie and the rest of the Dawgs make it two losses in a row in Corvallis. This one will sting.

Prediction: Oregon State 45, Washington 17

Dawn Van Diest, Sports Washington. Record: 5-1. I'm afraid this might be the Battle of the Turnovers – which quarterback throws less to the players in the wrong-colored jerseys. Throw in night-game atmosphere, ohhh that awful TBS curse, and that Steven Jackson, and things don't add up to a road victory here.

Prediction: Beavers 37, Dawgs 20

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 4-2. ‘OVER'? Did we say, ‘OVER'? NOTHING's over until WE say it is!! Did we say OVER when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Look, only a yogurt would have picked Nevada last week. And wouldn't you know, the damn thing is still sittin' in the fridge. Understandably, it reeks to high Heaven. So, just remember if you're one of the lucky (??) ones sloggin' down the I-5 corridor towards the Husqvarna® hoedown ... oh heck, I forgot already.

Prediction: Oregon State 38, Washington 16

Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 4-2. How bad has it become? The UPS driver who delivers to my area is a Beaver and is nicknamed "Say Hey Ray." Now, we have gotten to the point where he is taunting me and my Huskies BEFORE the game has even started! It almost makes me want to buckle up the chinstrap, overturn his truck, and then go randomly knocking the snot out of anything orange... Alas, this Saturday the Huskies will come out and play Beavers close through halftime. Then the crowd and a couple of big plays give the Beavers the edge. And as for Say Hey Ray, I always fumigate as soon as he leaves.

Prediction: Oregon State 34, Washington 23

Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 4-2. It is sure hard to make predictions when your favorite team is struggling, and I mean struggling. Yet I have to buck up and perform my duties as best I can. I sure want to see the Huskies win this game, but my feeling is that it will be near impossible. I could be wrong, and I certainly hope so with every bone in my body. Steven Jackson is such a stud though. Their defense has to be better then Nevada, one would think. Will this team make defensive end Swancutt look all-world? I want to see this DAWG team take care of the ball. I want to see them use Alexis more. I want to see the less pressure on Cody. If I get what I want, the DAWGs could win. I know I want a lot.

Prediction: Oregon State 34, Washington 20

Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 4-2.
It's not smart to try to kick a Dawg when it's down.

Dawgs bite back!


Prediction: Dawgs 24, Beavers 21

Henry Han, Intern. Record: 4-2. Northwest Cup 2003. Last year, this was the source of inspiration. This year, this is a source of worries. I don't have a good feeling. Hey, I'm as optimistic as the next Dawg fan, but I know reality when I see it. Doesn't mean I've jumped off the bandwagon though. Oregon State would like nothing more than to kick the Dawgs while they're down and kick' em where it hurts. And I predict that we're going to get kicked.

Prediction: Oregon State 32, Washington 21

Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 4-2. Hmmm...on the road against a ranked opponent...after one of the more humiliating losses of the last 25 years...sounds like the recipe for an upset, frankly. But it won't be. But it won't be a blowout, either. Unless the Huskies can place the game squarely on Derek Anderson's shoulders, Steven Jackson will control the tempo of the game.

Prediction: Oregon State 35, Washington 27

Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 3-3. Holy Cow. Who would've thunk the Huskies would be 3-3 heading down to Corvallis, and as a 10-point UNDERDOG???? Not me, certainly. But I am the eternal optimist, and I think that Washington will put something together this Saturday and stun you all. Gilbs hasn't slept in days, trying to get this thing righted, and I think you'll all see the fruits of his labor Saturday. He hasn't lost this team, and they'll perform for him starting now.

Prediction: Washington 24, Oregon State 20

David Samek, Publisher. Record: 3-3. Oregon State comes in well rested, and with the top running back in the country in Steven Jackson. Jackson is 223 pounds of badness, but the Huskies have proven to stop the run well. The biggest problems have been redzone execution on both sides of the ball, and turnovers. Will the Dawgs get those two things sorted out this week on the road in Corvallis? That's a tall order that I'm not sure they'll fill. It will be closer than most think, but I see OSU taking it late. My 12-0 pre-season prediction is long gone, but that doesn't mean this team has nothing left to play for. If they can compete and show improvement this Saturday, it could go a long ways.

Prediction: Oregon State 24, Washington 20

Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 3-3. The Washington Huskies are giving 10 points to the Oregon State Beavers. In other news, pigs were seen flying and peace had broken out in the mid east. If the last two weeks haven't struck something inside this squad, or the scorn of the fans and the mockery in the media, then perhaps an MRI is in order to make sure hearts are still pumping at Montlake. Cody's fire was appreciated, let's see if it translated to his teammates. Don't get mad, Huskies, get even! There is no chance for UW to win, which means they have a great chance.

Prediction: Dawgs 38, Beavers 17

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