UW vs. OSU post game player quotes

What a difference a week makes. This Husky team was ready from the first gun, and didn't stop until the final whistle blew. Washington players were all smiles this evening after a convincing 38-17 win over Oregon State in Corvallis.

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  • DE Terry Johnson was at a new position this evening, one that he really enjoys and hopes to play from here on out.

    "It was cool. Turning that corner isn't as easy as it looks. You see those great D-ends do it and they make it look so simple. It's not, but I'll get better at it. I'm going to drop a little weight and stay out there though, because defensive end is where it's at," said Johnson.

    "I really enjoyed being one on one with the tight end. When he tries to block me one on one, it's just not going to happen. When you are at defensive end, you can play a lot more natural and just let it go, run fast, and make plays."

    Tank helped Donny Mateaki with his transition inside to his defensive tackle position, gladly. "As a senior leader and captain, you want to help all of your younger guys. It's an honor to play with someone like Donny because he stepped in and played well."

    Johnson is never one to shy away from talk, but Oregon State surprised him with the amount of jawing they did. "They talked a lot. They are warriors, though, because they give you everything they've got. They won't quit, so you can't back down to them, ever. You can't blink at any of their talking. When they talk, you just keep on playing."

    Johnson was pleased with the effort his unit did on Steven Jackson, who was held to 49 yards rushing.

    "He makes them go. When you cut off the head of the monster, it's tough for the monster to get going. He is the head of their team so we went after him with all eleven guys and got it done."

    LB Greg Carothers was smiling after the win, but cautioned that "there is still A LOT of work to do. A lot of work." When asked if the monkey of winning on the road was off of his back, Carothers scoffed. "There is so much still left in this season, we can't look at it that way. We just need to keep working and getting things done. We have some big games coming up and we have to play like we have nothing to lose, and play excited, like we did today."

    Carothers had three tackles for loss, including a sack and a marvelous interception. "I got my chances tonight. My hat is off to coach Snow, he called a really good game. When I got my opportunities, they turned out to be really good ones for us."

    Anderson was sacked five times and picked off three times, but Carothers said that the front seven didn't really do anything different, other than moving Johnson outside. "I think we just came harder. I think we knew what we were doing and did it aggressively tonight."

    Carothers interception was a one-handed job that was outstanding. He smiled when asked to recall it. "I kind of reached across my man and the ball got pinned between my arm and his body, and I just basically cupped it. I caught it and rolled over with it. It was an unorthodox style of interception, I guess. I was surprised," said the senior.

    "Steven Jackson is a great back. I can't say anything more about him, he's a great player."

    CB Derrick Johnson had another interception and broke up two other passes this evening. He said that the secondary gave the OSU signal caller some new looks. "We mixed up some coverages and bracketed a couple of receivers. I don't think he knew where our safeties were going at times, so I think he was confused trying to read us," said the junior cornerback.

    "We didn't do anything special in practice, we just kept working hard and decided that this was going to be our statement game. Last game we played bad, but we wanted to show that we can play good, too."

    On Johnson's pick, he just read Anderson's eyes and made his move. "He (James Newson) ran a corner route, and he (Anderson) kind of locks onto him. He really likes to go to him, so I watched his eyes and kind of knew that the ball was going to go to him. I just needed to get my head around. He really locks onto his receivers so you have to get your head around."

    "I matched up with Newson a lot tonight. He's a good receiver, he doesn't lead the Pac-10 for nothing," said Johnson. Newson had 8 catches for 128 yards this evening.

    "They were running their mouths the whole game. It surprised me, but we just let them keep running their mouths and played harder. Most of the time," added Johnson with a laugh.

    "We needed this one. These Pac-10 games count and it was huge to go to 2-1 instead of 1-2 in this contest."

    OSU TB Steven Jackson gave credit to Washington's defense after the game. "This conference is up and down, and now we have to get back into the swing of things. We have to steal one on the road now. They played pretty good today."

    K Evan Knudson had an interesting and rather loud silver shoe to go with his other black one. "Well, they only had one in the store, so I had to buy it," said Knudson of his kicking boot.

    WR Charles Frederick was extremely happy and waiving to the Husky crowd as he exited the field and they chanted, ET! ET! In the locker room, Charles was all business. "We knew this was the beginning of the second half of our season. We worked hard and we'll continue to work hard."

    Of his punt return for a touchdown, he said, "Every week in and out, we work more on our special teams than we ever did. Now we can really go after people with them. Tonight I really felt like I was in the zone and into the flow of the game. When I saw Rich and then Reggie go down, I knew I had to do what I could when the ball came. They kept throwing the ball to me and I knew I had to catch them all."

    "On the punt return, he kicked it past the coverage. Everybody cheated to the right and I only had to beat one guy to the left. I knew that if I could make the punter miss I would go to the house. I made him miss and then I saw a guy come from behind a little too fast so I just stopped and let him run by, and then ran into the end zone," said Charles.

    "I don't think I'm done yet."

    OT Khalif Barnes was eating a pepperoni and sausage pizza as he chatted after the game. "We feel pretty good. That was a very good defense, they are fast. They talk, they run to the ball, and they try to get into your head. We said that enough was enough, and we knew that we were way better than we had been playing. We just went out there to have fun and play. It's still a game, you have to have fun, it's important."

    When asked about what ticked linemate Nick Newton off so bad, Barnes quipped, "I told Nick that I got the aisle seat on the way home. I don't think he was pleased about it. That stingy bastard."

    Barnes was holding Newton back so he would not get kicked out of the game. "They wanted us to retaliate and I told our guys to be smarter than that." Newton was being choked at the bottom of the pile.

    Offensive coordinator John Pettas wound up on the sidelines instead of the booth tonight. "It was nice to be able to sit down in chairs and talk to Cody instead of just on the headphones. This was a lot cleaner. I could find him, sit with him, and get input from all of the receivers, too. I thought it worked out well tonight," said Pettas. "I was calling the plays from the sidelines. It's easy, you just get some information from above. Coach Heater and coach Kennedy were up there for us. But I'm comfortable down here. You can see a lot of things from the sidelines, and you can grab guys that are standing there and put them in whenever you want."

    "Cody and I were able to communicate more with me on the sidelines. We ended up moving some guys around a bit and added a wrinkle. I think it was a benefit."

    WR Reggie Williams was very complimentary to ET. "His punt return really got us high early. I'm really happy for him, he's one of the best receivers in the country. People don't respect him as much as they should."

    Williams said that OSU was very talkative. "They run their mouths, they've been that way since I've been here, but it's not a big deal."

    Williams rolled his ankle in the third quarter but he's fine. "I'm fine. This was a great win, and ET finally got off like he can. I'm really happy about this win and happy for ET. If they were trying to stop just me, they found out that they were in the wrong," said Reggie of Frederick's 371 all purpose yards this evening.

    "It doesn't get any better than that."

    "Playing under the lights on astro turf, it had a high school atmosphere to it. It was really fun, I kind of enjoyed it," said safety Jimmy Newell. "Except it was two Pac-10 football teams competing. But it reminded me of being in the Lincoln Bowl."

    Newell had perhaps his best game as a Husky this evening. "This is game seven, and we're into the second half of the season. I've now had almost a full year of being a starter under my belt so every week I feel a little more confident. I think our defense is getting more solid."

    "There are times it didn't look like we were playing too tight and not having fun. We stressed that this week, our coaches told us to go out and have a great time. That's what we did. Tonight the front played great, and when they do that, it sure makes us look a lot better."

    QB Cody Pickett could barely walk as he was being interviewed, but he looks like that every week. "I'm going to be sore tomorrow, but I won't miss nothin'. Don't worry."

    "We had to put last week behind us. We were excited to play because we knew that we were coming into a hostile environment. We had to execute because we played so badly in all aspects last week. Tonight the offense did alright, but our defense and special teams really played well. It is very rewarding. To come here and get a win against such a quality opponent, it feels good."

    Pickett had a lot of conversations with OSU LB Richard Seigler. "That is part of his game, to get into your head. I got to see him at the Pac-10 media day this year and he's a good guy. He tries to intimidate you and if you don't know him, you'd think he's the dirtiest guy you'll ever meet. But he's not that way, he's a good player and a good guy."

    "I always look at Charles. My OL gave me a lot of time to throw and ET ran his routes well. He always runs great routes," said Pickett of ET's school record performance.

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