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60 For 60
Race Bannon, inside the Poulsbo RV

We picked up our luxury RV in Kent at Poulsbo RV. We were told that it had been specially built for the Oregon football team. The 85-foot land yacht, with a sticker price of $750,000 was just what we needed for a road trip to Corvallis.

We dropped the windowpane in Centralia, and by Vancouver the spiders had taken over the back of the vehicle. Wait that is another time and another author.

I was somewhat uncomfortable as I was dangerously close to doing actual journalistic work. Imagine actually going on the road to cover a game, instead of watching it on television from the comfort of my deep bunker in an undisclosed location. Sorry dear readers, I was forced under severe duress to promise to keep this award winning magazine free from any actual facts, as has always been our motto. Therefore, I cannot tell you all the inside stories that I heard as the massive amounts of alcohol loosed lips. Truth be told, I have forgotten, due to the aforementioned massive amounts of alcohol.

I can tell you that Whisky Dawg is really good at a drinking game involving horseshoes and Beavers, and that Bill Fleenor is an actual person and a great guy and Husky. There really is a C Fetters and Kim Grinolds, and the Dawgman himself is one busy dude. I met T90, OrDawg, and many other of the faithful at the tailgate that lasted for many hours. The only thing missing was the actual Tailgater.

The game itself was another revelation of the prowess of your self-proclaimed college football expert. I am normally loathed to partake in blatant self promotion, unless I hit the final score on the exact number, as I did for this game – 38-17. Mr. Eaver must be embarrassed by his call of a 55-20 win for the Beavers.

However, enough about me, for now. Let us talk about those 60 men who played 60 hard minutes and brought home yet another stunning rout of the Oregon insurrectionists. Be they Beaver or Duck, the would be usurpers of the NW crown were crushed by the superior Husky expeditionary forces, and the Huskies remain in first place, and the overwhelming favorite to retain the NW Cup this year.

The spirited play of the football team was a much-needed breath of fresh air in a week when the dark seamy underbelly of college softball was exposed at the University of Washington. The scandals of the big time sports pale in comparison to the spirit of the club sports like football.

The Husky defense played their finest 60 minutes since anyone could remember. A key coaching move helped to shut down the marvelous Steven Jackson and put the game in Derek Anderson's hands. A brutal pass rush and an inspired secondary shut down that option as well.

Charles Fredrick showed his electrifying talent by setting an all-purpose yards record that was held by none other than the King. Hugh's record had been in the books for 50 years, an incredible accomplishment for ET, who looked like he could have gone another four quarters after the game.

Cody Picket backed up his talk by leading his troops to victory, and finding the open man for some big plays.

However, as the tee shirts said, it was 60 men playing 60 minutes that brought home this impressive win. Husky Football was seen once again, and the grateful Husky nation rejoiced.

Next up is a visit from the nation's finest team, the USC Trojans. Buckle up.
Trojans humiliate Irish
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

The USC Trojans showed the difference between a Pac 10 contender, and a Pac 10 pretender, as they marched into South Bend and stomped the echoes so far beneath the turf that Touchdown Jesus will need a week to find them.

There was no second half collapse as the Trojans scored early and often, including a long touchdown run by Reggie Bush and routed Notre Dame by 31 points for the second straight year. USC athletic director Mike Garret is considering replacing the Irish on the schedule so his Trojans can get a better tune up for their rout of Washington. Northern Illinois is under consideration.

"I want to face a team with an offense," said Garrett, disgustedly, as he left the Trojan locker room in South Bend.

The coming game in Seattle is a mismatch in the making, as the nation's finest team should easily beat the Huskies. A loss would knock SC out of the Rose Bowl race at the halfway point of the conference race. Unthinkable!

In other LA news, the UCLA Bruins continue to be ignored, yet continue to lead the Pac 10, as they quietly work their way to a home game on January 1 against the Big 11 champions.

The Bruins stunned Jeff Tedford and Cal in LA on Saturday. Tedford is now the best darn coach who is 3-5 in America. Moreover, the Bears are, of course, the best darn 3-5 team in America. Nike executives think that this may make it easier to lure Tedford back to Eugene, as Cal may not argue as much to keep him. Cal is already wondering if their renewed commitment to football is worth it, as water polo season approaches.

The Bruins are unbeaten in conference play, a claim the nation's finest team cannot make.
Race Bannon is struggling under the pressure of high expectations after his stunning prediction last week. He is in isolation for the next four days to prepare this Friday's pick. In his absence, Mr. Wadsworth will pick the UW – USC game.

USC should have this salted away by halftime. All the Washington win over OSU did was give the Trojan players some film to watch that will not make them burst out laughing. The Huskies are beat up, and even at full strength are no match for America's Team. Whatever happened to Reggie Williams anyway? Look for Mike to cement his claim to the title of the best Williams on the field. Do not let this get on the Husky bulletin board.

USC 42, UW 24

Washington State comes off a struggle to beat a Stanford team that the Huskies and Trojans handled easily. Next up is a visit from the Angry Beavers of Oregon State. OSU looked rusty after their bye and they should take out their anger on the leagues most over rated team. The bubble bursts this week.

OSU 38, WSU 17

Oregon returns to action against long time nemesis Stanford at newly remodeled but no longer feared Autzen Arena. This is a tune up for their planned invasion of Washington the following week. Here is hoping that the Ducks give us some good film to watch.

Oregon 29, Stanford 22

NW Cup Standings
1. Washington 1-0
2. Washington State 1-0 *
3. Oregon and Oregon State 0-1

* does not include annual Apple Cup loss yet.
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Thanks for reading and come out to the Stadium to yell your lungs out against the dreaded Trojans – Race