Moses Lake's Chief Leader

There's one big reason why the Moses Lake Chiefs are enjoying a 3-1 start to their 2001 football season, and that reason stands 6-6 feet tall and weighs 250 pounds. That 'reason' is also the reason so many coaches from Northwest schools have been taking great pains to visit Central Washington.

Last year, it was Dan McCourtie from Othello that was getting all the attention, but now it's Jordan Reffett.

Through the first 3 games of the season, Reffett has been a man of action on defense, despite being constantly harassed, usually by more than one player. "I get a little frustrated once in a while because everyone knows who you are," Reffett told just before his game with Richland. "I get double and triple teamed, but it's working out great for the rest of the guys."

Don't be fooled; it's been working out OK for him too. So far, Reffett has 3 sacks, 18 tackles, 6 Tackles For Loss and 3 Passes Defended. As a tight end, he has 5 catches for 57 yards and no touchdowns

"I'm a lot more determined out there," Jordan said, when asked what he believes is the difference between this year and last. "I know I want to be the best and that I'm going to be the best. I'm a lot more confident out there. I feel like I'm overpowering. It's just the confidence factor this year."

Confidence is playing a part, but Jordan is also a very physical and imposing presence on the field. "I have really good quickness to the ball, and I know offense too, so that helps," he said. "I'm mentally tough out there. I don't let anything get to me and I come to play. I go 110 percent on every down."

Any play that stands out so far? "Actually against Eisenhower, we scored on our first possession in overtime, and then me and one of our linebackers sandwiched the quarterback on 4th down to win the game," said Reffett. "It was pretty intense. I was pumped. I was jumpin' up and down, yellin'."

While his season is only 4 games old, Jordan is already thinking about the possibilities he'll have in college. "I want to put on around 20 pounds of muscle next year," he said. "That way I can see what I can do as a freshman or redshirt and see what I can do as a redshirt freshman."

So far, Washington State and Idaho have both already offered Reffett a scholarship, although all of the Northwest Pac-10 schools are calling regularly. "For Idaho, it's Coach Thure and for Wazzu it's Coach Pflugrad," Jordan said. "Coach Myers is calling for U-Dub (Washington), and for Oregon it's Coach Zoumboukos. For Oregon State, it's Coach (Dennis) Erickson."

"Coach Myers is excited about me, and they've been watching some games," Jordan said. "Hopefully they'll like what they see. I think I'll get an offer from U-Dub in the next couple of weeks."

If an offer came from the Husky coaches, that would give Reffett just what he wants - offers from his two top schools. "If that happened, I'd like to go visit," he said. "I'm setting up a visit with Wazzu right now. I'd like to stay in state. Those two schools are at the top of the list."

The Dawgs may have some momentum because of Jordan's ties to Western Washington. "I used to live in Kent," Reffett said. "I'm real good friends with Will Conwell. And I know John Gardenhire well too. And Dan McCourtie. He went to Othello, which is just down the road."

Conwell got a chance to talk to Reffett recently. "I went to the Michigan game on the 8th and talked to Will quite a bit," he said. "He told me what it was like. It was amazing scene, with 75,000 fans going nuts. He said that you aren't used to getting knocked around so much. It's brutal the first couple of practices with the Big Dawgs. You just get popped and popped and popped, but it just made him tougher. He'll gain some weight, because he's kind of a chicken boy right now (laughs), but he'll be tough because it's just like going up a level, going up with the big boys, and he's just gotta get ready to play."

With Reffett expecting an offer from one of his top two teams soon, recruiting for this talented in-state athlete could heat up in a hurry. We'll talk to Jordan soon to get another update. Top Stories