Here come the Trojans

After an upset of Oregon State in Corvallis, will the Dawgs use that momenutm to springboard themselves to another one in Seattle? This week's opponent, USC, is the real deal. Here is what the staff thinks will happen on Saturday . . .

Joe Kaiser, Columnist. Record: 5-2. I've taking plenty of verbal abuse for picking the Dawgs to lose by 28 to the Beavers last week. But it hasn't changed my outlook all that much. It would take close to a miracle on Saturday for this Husky team to knock off a crazy-athletic Trojan team. Washington does play well against USC at Husky Stadium, which could keep it close, but the Trojans defense will prevent the Dawgs from ever getting anything going.

Prediction: USC 28, Washington 13

Dawn Van Diest, Sports Washington. Record: 5-2. I believe the Trojans may get caught up between a couple of tough games here. Sure, they have all the top recruits in the land, but Husky Stadium used to be the great equalizer. I'm banking on the fans showing up, providing an electric atmosphere for the Dawgs, and maybe this game isn't quite the patsy that the Travelers might be expecting.

Prediction: Dawgs 24, Trojans 23

Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 5-2.
I told you to watch out as the Dawgs bit back against OSU. Well, they'll still be biting, and USC should still beware, big time, of the Dawgs. Watch for Pickett to have a solid game and for Kenny James to do just enough damage to lead the Huskies to victory over the Trojans.

Prediction: Dawgs 17, Trojans 13

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 4-3. What, everyone is 4-3 now? Shows you what we know ... except Race, of course - who by now should have the Pick-Six all lined up for Saturday's Breeder's Cup races and is counting heavily (as is the paymaster at DM.c) on the single Lotto ticket he bought in Kalama on the way home from Reserville.... Heck, why not parlay a good thing? Except for the home crowd, USC has just about every advantage you can think of (gee, kinda like last week). But now that I'm back to the same record as our heroes, I think I'll just keep it that way. Bandwagon cannonballlllllllllllllllllllllllll ....

Prediction: Washington 34, USC 31 (in 3 OTs)

Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 4-3. We can't all be like Race Bannon...Wielding the prescience of a loincloth wearing Himalayan soothsayer and possessing the balls of an elephant. I'd love to sit here and predict Washington to beat USC 56-10, but alas, I just can't.

Ultimately, I fear that it will be a rough day for Cody and Co.

Prediction: USC 38, Washington 20

Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 4-3. As I read the boards this week, I got the feeling of nervous hope. Many postings recalling former David vs. Goliath type games. Games where the underdog DAWG whipped up on a highly favorite Trojan team with great Huskies stepping up. Yet, I am reminded of the Hairbreadth Husky cartoons that depicted a big bad Trojan ready to crunch Hairbreadth. I just don't think this game will be in the Huskies' favor when all is done.

Prediction: USC 33, Washington 20

Henry Han, Intern. Record: 4-3. Tough game for the Dawgs and tough one for me to choose. It goes without saying; it all depends on which Dawgs show up this Saturday. I'm about 50/50 on this game, but if I were to think harder and look more closely, I would have to say 50.1 to 49.9 Washington by a hair.

Prediction: Washington 21, USC 20

Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 4-3. This will be the crowd's 2003 coming-out party. Visions of 1990? We can only hope so. 1997? I'd take that game too. Either way, the Huskies will at least cover the spread in losing and just might eek out a win at home. And Washington is catching USC at a pretty good time. They've only seen the inside of the LA Coliseum once in the past month and they have to be a bit lagged with as many frequent-flyer miles they've racked up. The keys, as always, will be turnovers, field position and special teams. And look for Gregg Guenther to have an impact on the final tally, as the 6-8 TE is a terror blocking field goals and PAT's. He'll get his paws on an Evan Knudson FG attempt, giving the Men of Troy their margin of victory.

Prediction: USC 31, Washington 28

Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 4-3. We once again find our local heroes as 10-point underdogs, this time at home. No flying pigs this week, the nation's finest team is in town, the USC Trojans. This is the Huskies' biggest rival game, a one-sided rivalry to be sure as the Angelinos focus on ND and UCLA. Perhaps they will be nice enough to think of us as the team that lost to Nevada. I could play it safe and predict a Trojan win, but instead I'm betting on the magic to continue as the Iron Dawgs find a way to stay alive another week.

Prediction: Dawgs 24, Trojans 20

Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 4-3. OK, Husky fans. Who thinks I'm going to pick against us in this one? I sat right next to Dawgman in the OSU press box last Saturday and told him how it would unfold, and sometimes an ex-coach gets it right. This week, the Dawgs can do it again. An early USC turnover and UW score will get the crowd into it early and start ol' Mo rolling. Don't miss this one.

Prediction: Washington 30, USC 27

David Samek, Publisher. Record: 3-4. So we finally got to see the UW team that I saw this fall in practices. I didn't realize the hangover from all of the off-season stuff would last so long. The opponent on Saturday is for real, USC has no weakness other than experience at QB. In the old Husky Stadium I knew, that would've been a major "exploitable." Will the old Husky Stadium return and not blink if things start going south? Has the team's fragile ego toughened to the point where they'll be able to withstand some adversity? And can Matt Leinart beat the Dawgs, who will be geared to shut down the run? I think Mike Williams on slants and dinks will be too much for the Dawg corners, who will be rolled up and playing man-free a lot of the time.

Prediction: USC 23, Washington 17

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