Thanks to those that wrote in. Was last Saturday an indicator of things to come? Was it the stamp that Gilby was looking to put on his program? Or was it an anomaly? I have to think that this team is feeling much better about itself after the OSU game, but USC is a totally different beast. And now onto the letters . . .

From Tyler Leland
Dear Dawgman
How do you feel Husky recruiting is going so far? Having paid more attention to recruiting starting with Neuheisel, it seems that he had more visits lined up with big recruits during Husky home games. It seems like this staff is taking their time and getting visits later on in the year between regular season and bowl games. Is this a strategy change, are they a little behind because of the late coaching change, or is there another reason? I notice quite a few of local recruits at the home games, but based on the website, it does not look like many big names are heading up to UW until December. Thanks for your time and GO DAWGS!

A: Rick had more visits during games, but then changed strategies last year, trying to concentrate more in the month of December. I like that format much better, since you only get 48 hours on campus. The coaches and players can spend much more time entertaining a visitor after the season, as opposed to during a game weekend. This weekend, however, there are quite a few visitors coming for the USC game. Be sure to check out our database and click on visits, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see who will be here today and tomorrow.
From Arlo
Dear Dawgman:
Skyler Fulton is he going to the NFL if not why? Take a look at Skyler Fulton - WR - Arizona State. Despite his lack of use he is still leading the team in catches yards and TD's. He is a solid Joe Jurevicius, Ricky Proehl Type receiver. But I think he will be more of an Andre Rison, Chris Carter type in the league. He gets open and makes yards after the catch. He did not run on Pro Day last year due to a strained knee. He has been drafted twice to play pro baseball but has stuck with football. He is a does not drink or smoke and has great grades. He plays all special teams and nearly every offensive play. He is a solid aggressive blocker. He would be a great late round pick for any team looking for that scrappy Wayne Chrebet type guy that will make the 3rd down grab in traffic and lock down a corner on sweeps. He will run faster than expected on pro day. His speed is under estimated due his long strides. But he will run in the 4.46 range. He is 6'1" and 215 with the potential to be at 220. He could be a safety with his size and intelligence. He will be a better pro than college where he has been relegated to doing Shaun McDonald's dirty work for 2 years and is the solid portion on ASU's receiver carousel.

A: Skyler is a great kid with all of the measurables. Two things will determine whether he plays at the next level. Will he be tough enough, and will he have the competitive fire? I'm not sure about that yet, but I'll be pulling for him. He definitely couldn't play safety in my opinion, because I'm not all that sure he likes to hit. He didn't look like he did in high school.
From Paul Ayson
Dear Dawgman:
Great win for the dawgs this weekend. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come. Cody didn't have big numbers but he did cut back on the mistakes. I'll take small numbers from Cody any day if it means translating into a win. ET had a tremendous day, breaking Hugh's record is an incredible feat. That was a break out game for ET and he truly deserves any honors he gets this week. SC is coming to town and what a challenge that's going to be for the dawgs. Their offense is just rolling a long and their defense pretty much shut down ND this past weekend. What is your take on this game with out the purple colored lenses, as you like to call them? In my humble opinion, if the dawgs can play an almost mistake free football for 60 minutes, they have a good chance in beating SC. Also, I know they moved Terry Johnson at the End position and placed Mateaki inside, is this a permanent switch or was it only for the OSU game? I hope it's permanent, if it helps the defense in collapsing that pocket more power to the switch. Thanks for the responses. Keep them coming.

A: Can Washington win on Saturday? Hell yes! Will they? If I use my purple colored lenses, of course they do. The move of Johnson outside will be seen some more, yes. It's effective, particularly if Mateaki can keep from getting trampled. Donny is too light right now but he plays much better inside.
From Wet Dawg
Dear Dawgman:
When I was a freshman at Udub, we had to learn the words to Bow Down, Victory and the Alma Mater. As I understand from the HMB website, the Band has the same tradition. So why don't we hear the fight songs sung at Husky Stadium? At the very least you can read the words from the stupid Husky Tron. Now that my vent has passed, my real question for a band alum: Are there any words to "Mush Huskies?"

A: When I was in the band, we also had to learn those three songs, and I'd imagine that tradition is alive and well. As for hearing them sung at the stadium, it's pretty obvious that most fans don't know the words to Bow Down or Vict'ry. Perhaps the jumbotron, or rosters with the words on them can be made available. As for words to "Mush," I believe there are words but I didn't learn them. Sorry. I think that song was made popular at the 1960 Rose Bowl?
From Doug Parris
Dear Dawgman:
I have three questions. 1, All the Huskies reported that the Beavers "talked" a lot and that the talk had psychological objectives, that is, to "get into your head," to intimidate. Cody said that if you were to listen to OSU LB Richard Seigler, without knowing him, "you'd think he's the dirtiest guy you'll ever meet…" So my first question is: What was the content of all the talk? I assume there was profanity, and you don't need to reproduce it, but were they making verbal threats of violence? Mocking the Dawgs performance in their last game? Bragging? Lying? Give us some specific examples. 2. If "excessive celebration" is unsportsmanlike conduct how can anyone claim that the kind of talk mentioned in my first question isn't and why doesn't the college football community do something about it if they are serious about sportsmanship? 3. What is the name of the player who criminally assaulted Nick Newton? Thanks for your work on behalf of the canine community. The OSU game proved that the kind of potential to match your earlier prediction really existed on this team!

A: I won't go into what the context of the talk was, this is a family website (grin). It does go both ways, though. OSU was not the only team talking, but the UW responded with their play. You can flag a team for excessive "verbage", sure. It's not done often, however, as referees will typically call the captains for both teams and ask them to address it instead so it doesn't disrupt the flow of the game so much.
From Brenda Fisher
Dear Dawgman:
I was surprised Donny Mateaki played. Seemed he held his own. Do you think based upon his performance he'll get more playing time against USC? His play and moving TJ to defensive end looks a lot better than having Ty Eriks or Graham Lasee at DE. Nothing against them. I am still concerned about the offensive line. I sense they need continuity and that will lead to consistency. I believe improved play on passing downs will lead to Cody throwing further downfield. In my opinion the inadequate pass blocking has led to more sacks and incompletions than we Husky fans are used to seeing from Cody Pickett.

A: I think you'll see Donny inside from now on, he's too stiff to play outside but has great upside if he remains inside. Johnson will play all over the line though. Eriks and Lasee both played against OSU, and both had nice plays. Lasee was the one pressuring Anderson when he threw the first pick. I totally agree with your assessment of the offensive line, the better they protect, the more comfortable Cody will be in looking at all options. The sack in the end zone against UCLA was a difficult memory to erase.
From TD Brown
Dear Dawgman:
Recruiting wise this year, are the dawgs looking at Ryan Powdrell, a LB from Ca, who has us on his list? What about Albert Toeaina from CCSF who is a stud, any other jc guys. Thanks, GO DAWGS, keep fighting.

A: I don't believe the UW is recruiting Albert T, but Powdrell is a priority for sure. So is Dashon Goldson, a safety that has given the UW an early verbal. Now the Dawgs have to babysit that verbal until December. If you talk to Goldson's Dad, it's the UW all the way, but recruiting is like a box of chocolates . . .
From Chris Patters in Gilbert, AZ
Dear Dawgman:
Thanks for your response to my letter and I think you may be right about giving Gilby a chance. I just think it is terrible timing for him and he won't last long because of the transition Husky football is going through and the fans and alumni are restless as it is. Why don't you think the being the head coach at UW is as hot as a commodity as people may think? I'm curious to hear your take on that one. How do you think recruiting is going this year? Will this difficult season make more recruits want to come to the UW to turn it around or will they be scared to play for what some people are calling a "has been" program that loses to the likes of Nevada at home? Who are the recruits that the UW just can't afford to let leave the state? What chance do we have at getting any of them? Lastly, keep up your positive view of Husky football. Like one writer said last time, our hearts are overtaking our brains. I think that is true with die-hard Husky fans. We want so badly to be where we used to be but it is just going to take time. As fans, we can do our part and still support the team with the same passion we did when they were kicking everybody's ass in the glory days. Go Dawgs.

A: I don't think the UW job is as good as many alums think it is, Chris, that's all I'm saying. Many people think that Bob Stoops would leave Oklahoma for Washington, and that is just ridiculous. But make no mistake, the Washington job, given the proper tools to work with, could be the best job on the West Coast. Recruiting is going great, as Gilby is concentrating on beef and local kids. I love those two things in a class. He'll take atleast 9 linemen, and that is cool. He's got a JC stud safety that he needs to hang on to, but he's got an early verbal. The one problem with Goldson's verbal is that both of the guys that recruited him, Rick N and Steve Axman, are gone now. So Gilby will need to make sure that they reestablish those close ties. They already have the father on board, which is a great start.
From Erik Baker
Dear Dawgman:
How can a school like Virginia Tech, a school that recently was a .500 team and seemingly nonexistent, now be a dominant and consistent top 5 team? I think it's worth a quick look. Defense! I remember Frank Beamer came to Washington to visit Lambright and view his philosophies. He's built a power with defense. They were good before Vick took over as well, so don't point to him as the reason for their success. They run the ball and play defense. I think Gilby and his entire staff should go to Blacksburg and observe a practice or two, and maybe take in a clinic. I know it sounds pathetic, but this program is floundering a bit and needs a "5-year' plan. Also, Barry Alvarez is the AD at Wisconsin. What will it take to get a pro-football AD in office, similar to Wisconsin? Did anyone ever think Wisconsin would become a WAY better football program than Washington. Is it clear to everyone that Barbara is sinking this program. Really, what can fans do to help remove Hedges?

A: Beamer is a big reason why VaTech is where they are, no doubt. That defense he runs is something. You nailed it – they run the ball and they hit you in the face. Gilby will return the Dawgs to that style as best he can, given he competes in the pass-happy Pac-10. Your assertion that Wisconsin is a "way better football program than Washington" is subjective at best.
From Matt
Dear Dawgman:
I'm not sure if Gilbertson should be fired, but if it happens, do you think Dan Hawkins from Boise State might be considered? He has consistently put a winner on the field with less than ideal talent and resources. He is young, and previously coached in the Northwest at Willamette. I think he is one of the up and coming coaches in the country. What do you think?

A: Hawkins would undoubtedly want the Husky job if it ever became available. Sure. But I think the UW has the right guy at the helm right now, let's give him some time and see how he does.
From Drew Dawg
Dear Dawgman:
I was just wondering about some of the red-shirting freshman from the most recent recruiting class. Since most of us don't get to see them in practice, I was hoping you could share some of your impressions of them. Mainly, I am wondering just how good Derrick Bradley and Cody Ellis can be. Both are playing db and both of them are blessed with incredible 40 yard dash times. Now, here comes the real question...Can they play? I'm not naming any names, but just because you can fly and perhaps are a former Colorado sprint champion in high school, that doesn't mean you are a good cover-man. Also, I was hoping to get your read on Louis Rankin. Is he going to be a Runner, or will they try to move him to safety, (like everyone else and their brother)? I just think that the last two classes are the only hope of turning this thing around in the near future. Maybe this team will get it turned around so we all can get some sleep on Saturday nights. Thanks for the time, love the site.

A: Bradley had surgery on his shoulder and sat out this year. Ellis looks like a hard-nosed corner, much tougher than I thought he was. Rankin is one the coaching staff is very high on, it's great he's getting to redshirt this year because he was scrambling to learn plays when he was in the mix. He's F-A-S-T!! I think he'll remain at tailback, despite the obvious need at safety.

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