Solomona takes it to the house

Big <b>Chris Solomona</b> got us caught up with what he's been doing for El Camino College this season, and the 6'5", 285-pound defensive tackle from San Pedro, California received an early Christmas present in his last game, courtesy of Palomar College.

They (Palomar) were the number one or number two team until we played them," Solomona told "We beat them 45-41. It could've gone either way. In the fourth quarter, they had to drive from the two-yard line. I read a halfback screen perfectly. They tried to throw it over my head, and I picked it off and scored. It felt great. I hadn't had a very good day to that point.I was dehydrated and I got poked in my eye. My eye was bleeding. That pick took away all the pain."

It was the first touchdown Chris can remember ever scoring in organized ball. "Man, I just felt great," he said. "The coaches, the players, were all excited. That was the ballgame. We were up by two touchdowns then. They still scored late, but that was just with a few seconds left. That was my first one. It felt so great! I want another one. I want more."

The pick also took the sting out of an ugly El Camino loss the week before. "We lost to Orange Coast 14-10," Chris said. "We had 16 penalties. I had a pretty good game, 8 tackles, but no sacks."

Any dirty laundry thrown his direction? "Actually there was one on a late hit. It was a halfback pass and I hit the halfback right when he threw the ball. I was upset and my coaches were too. They shouldn't have called that penalty. It was a sloppy game. We would have beaten them by three touchdowns if it weren't for all the penalties."

El Camino plays Saddleback this coming Saturday, then enjoy a much-deserved bye week.

When it comes to Solomona and recruiting, it's not always black and white. Is he committed, or not committed? "Well, put me in the soft commit list," he said. "Washington is my number one team, but I have to get rid of the trips that me and my coaches have scheduled. There's a lot of coaches that want me to take trips, so I'm planning on doing that. Washington will definitely be my last trip."

Some of those other coaches have one thing in common; they are both Wildcats. "I've talked to Coach Kennedy from Arizona, Coach Williams from Washington and Coach Hudson from Kansas State recently," Chris said. "It's always the same coaches, the same conversations."

The only official visit Chris has set one right now is one for October 15th to Ohio State.

So has Solomona been keeping tabs on the team he tentatively plans on attending next year? "I only check to see if they won," he said. "I heard it was a close game against Cal, but they got the win. They got another one."

How about the academic side of things? There's no question that schoolwork is a much bigger priority to Solomona than it was when he was still attening San Pedro High. "School is going fine," said Chris. "I'm taking care of business. I'm taking classes in the winter and spring. I don't think I'm going to have to take summer classes. I believe it's going to get done. It has to get done." Top Stories