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We are pumped. It's been too long since Washington has played USC. The Trojans are one of the few teams with a winning record against Washington in the series, so wins against Southern USC are always sweet. Are we predicting a Husky win? Read on, please. Say hello to Sultan McCullough, pictured left, on your way through...

Staff Predictions for Washington vs. USC

Derek Johnson, Columnist - Well it has been awhile, hasn't it? Our game with USC is drawing nigh. Will we even recognize them?... This situation feels like a family reunion taking place, with news that an old, crusty, drunken relative that nobody likes or has seen in ages, is flying into town. These days however, it is harder to dislike the Trojans than back in the days of yore... For starters they're 1-3. Secondly, they lack the mystique that used to be there. Thirdly, Pete Carroll seems to actually be a good guy. Before it was EASY AS CAKE to despise the likes of Ted Tollner, John Robinson and Larry Smith (remember when Smith refused to shake Don James' hand)? This game makes me a bit nervous, because (as everyone recognizes) the Trojans look better coached, and are simply lacking the experience of pulling out a big win. This would be a great one for them and could save their season. But I like the fact that the Huskies are at home, that the offensive line is improving, and that Willie Hurst is coming back. This will prove to be just a bit too much for old, drunken Uncle Troy.

Washington 27, USC 17

Kim Grinolds, Business Operations & Photography - USC will come into Husky stadium breathing fire after losing last week to Stanford. This will be a tough, physical game. Look for the Dawgs to grind it out and wear down USC late in the 4th. Washington pulls it out in a squeaker.

Washington 21, USC 17

Rick Samek, Columnist - I think it will be higher scoring that some would like. True that Stanford figured out how to stop it (namely, four personal foul penalties on USC, and two turnovers). The Huskies will watch the film. And guess what -- changeup! Washington, as defending champs, will be getting the VERY best of everyone's game, USC included. Everyone's been changing up on the Huskies, and Norm Chow will have stuff up his sleeve. Meanwhile, throw out that first quarter at Cal and Washington had their best offensive day of the season -- certainly their best half. The kind of half to build on. The Trojans are starting two freshmen on the defensive line -- I believe the linebackers will be coming up in support. Makes for a lot of available deeper stuff. Oh well, I've prattled on long enough. It will take about two choruses of "Fanfare" to fire up the Husky faithful to lynching pitch. The Huskies will follow. And that will be enough.

Washington 37, USC 30

Chris Fetters, Editor-in-chief - Well, one thing's for sure...this ain't your Dad's USC. Student Body right has been replaced with wide receiver screen right. McKay has been replaced with Carroll. But that damned song stays the same. Oh well, even Traveler won't be able to help the hapless Men of Troy this Saturday, as the Dawgs come in hungry and ready to atone for mistakes made during their 31-28 scrape in Strawberry Canyon last weekend. The Cali-bred Dawgs are always ready to feast on some Trojan meat, so expect guys like Willie Hurst and Larry Tripplett to be hyped and lead the charge. The Huskies won't score a lot of points, but they won't have to, as the Washington defense will be able to shut down an anemic 'Air Chow', piloted by Carson Palmer and his band of merry men.

Washington 21, USC 10

Pat Thrapp, Columnist - I think this game will be low scoring defensive battle. For me the two teams seem somewhat similar. Both have good defenses. Both have offenses that struggle at times. Only I think USC's struggles a little more. I would be surprised if these two teams combine for more than 40 points.

Washington 23, USC 17

Cam Stevens, Columnist - Cam wasn't available to predict this week, so we're going to flip him crap. Cam say's that USC will show up but decide to go water skiing in Lake Washington instead of playing the Huskies. They'll remove the pads and don the slaloms.

Washington 2, USC 0 (Forfeit)

Joe Kaiser, Husky Beat Writer - USC and Washington are both in every game they play. The difference is the Huskies always find a way to win and the Trojans always find a way to lose. That will again be the case this weekend. The Huskies will have to find a way to run the ball consistently because the Trojans will try to take away the pass with their speedy secondary. Rich Alexis and Willie Hurst will get the ball plenty, and have to have big days. Washington's defense will look to get more out of their defensive line to put pressure on Trojan quarterback Carson Palmer. In order to do so, they'll need tight coverage from their corners on USC's big-play receivers, Kareem Kelly and Keary Colbert. Look for a defensive struggle with the home team prevailing.

Washington 27, USC 16

Dave Samek, Dawgman - Enough. I'm tired of picking UW blowouts only to have them come back and win in squeakers. This team doesn't blow out anybody, they just win. That is what they will do again on Saturday, just win, baby. USC will move the ball and get a lot of yards but Tim Hundley's defense won't let them in the endzone enough to counteract the surprise game plan that Keith Gilbertson has worked up to mess with the boyz from Troy. I expect Cody Pickett to throw for well over 200 yards and it will be nice to see Willie back in action. USC will take an early lead, Washington will create a big play on defense (forced fumble or INT) and turn the tide in the third quarter.

Washington 24, USC 20.

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