Dawgbytes - 10/30

It may be a rivalry game in the eyes of many, but to Washington head coach Keith Gilbertson, all conference games feel like rivalry games to him. There haven't been any changes to the Huskies week-long routine in preparation for the Oregon Ducks' arrival Saturday evening. At least if there have been, he's not telling.

"In league, all the games are special games," Gilbertson said Thursday afternoon. "And at Washington, it seems like they are all mad at you anyways."

Gilbertson and his Washington players are doing their best to eliminate the bulletin board fodder that seems to be commonplace these days. "The game is played between the lines," he said.

The Washington head coach was so impressed with USC's conduct during the Trojans 43-23 win over the Huskies Saturday that Gilbertson wrote USC head coach Pete Carroll a letter, commending Carroll's team for how they handled themselves on the field.

"They are very talented and they play the game in a very classy way," Gilbertson said. "I didn't hear a lot of trash talking out on the field. They get up, give the ref the ball and get back to the huddle."

But don't expect Gilbertson to draw a correlation between classy teams and winning teams. "I've been around a lot of very good teams," he said. "And I've been around good teams that didn't say a word and I've been around teams that wouldn't shut up.

"But to me, it's just about playing the game."

Injury update: Charles Frederick worked in individual drills Wednesday, but took himself out. Gilbertson characterized Frederick's chances of playing Saturday as 'remote'. Rich Alexis and Tusi Sa'au will not play as well.

Cornerback rotation: Matt Fountaine will be the third corner off the bench Saturday, backing up Derrick Johnson and Sam Cunnigham. Dre Simpson will play as the fourth CB, and Kim Taylor will be the fifth CB in the rotation.

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